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Grit Bristol Photographic

Grit provide photography and video for independents in and around Bristol, U.K.

The following is a presentation of photographic options provided by Grit for one of our clients - the fabulous Brew Coffee Company on Whiteladies road, Bristol.
It gives Grit the opportunity to share our knowledge of visual structure and empower Brew to make their own choices about their visual branding through their website photography.


Focussing on the striking parallel lines in the cladding and decking, black and white imagery lifts the frontage, making it strong without being dominating.

Original / low contrast high grain / high contrast high grain.
High contrast, soft film like grain
High contrast - Super smooth


In modern branding, the audience focus less on the type of person in a promotional shot -

Rather, the audience reacts to the presentation of customers; facial expression, body language, and gestures help the viewer determine the atmosphere to expect and potential satisfaction they will receive visiting Brew.

Gestures and body language - comfortable to express themselves.
Black and white candid - movement & consumption


Atmospheric detailing provides a change of pace. A break from promotion and "visual selling" - it gives room to creativity and substance to unique visual branding.

Time and place, lighting and ambiguity
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra"
Behind the scenes...


The simplest and by far the most powerful tool within photo-editing, cropping allows an image to take different roles...

The Original
The drinks // the service
The staff member
The customer


Actions by customers show an engaged consumer.


The brew colours are fresh, lively and memorable

Desaturated (colour removed/reduced) imagery sits nicely with the Brew colours. They can be incorporated with most images from the set.


Toning is the selective colouring of black and white photographs

Traditionally, the chemicals were used to preserve, the colouring being a side effect. However, the technique is used stylisticly, to give life to black and white images and fit in with colour schemes.

The original colour way in this image is pleasing, however not in keeping with the Brew colour scheme.

A subtle tone adds brand colours and softens the subject, making for a stylish image which would sit happily as either a background or a standalone portrait.


The brew crew are great to shoot. Confident and capable at 100 miles an hour!

This opens up a world of options for staff portraits. With so many to choose from, Grit suggest we shoot a range of styles and let you choose a final edit which you as a team are most happy with!

Action / Passion / Speed / Confidence / Interaction

All of this and more produced by @GritBristol


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