U.S.A. Constitution

Limited Government

The government only has as much power as the people give them, The people have all the say in the countries actions. The president can say he will do something but there is not certain until the people vote it in or out. This is proven by the quote "We The People..." associated in the Preamble. Also the congress is part of the "people". The President could say he will do something but the congress could say no and the whole idea is completely gone.

Separation of Powers

All legislative powers her in granted shall be vested in a congress. Also no state government shall enter into any treaty or grant title of nobility. The three branches of government is the legislative branch (congress), Executive branch (President), and the judicial branch (Supreme Court and other lower federal courts).

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty means that all the people are in charge of what happens in the country they live in. Also shown in the Preamble, it starts with "We the people...". The people can vote in who is president, vice president, and what laws get passed. The Congress also represents the people. The president can't pass a law without the congress passing it.


Federalism means that State government and federal government work together to figure out common problems. "Shall be composed of members chosen every second year by representation of the states"-The Declaration of Independence.

Checks and Balances

The house of Representatives can impeach the president. He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. The government shall keep track of the money balances and how much they spend on items, people, and other needed items.

Representative Government

This states that there shall be one president in the country, also the president only has four years in office with a second chance of getting office for another four years. There shall be two senate's and senators's per state and they only get four years of office as well.

Quick Quiz

1. Who pretty much runs the government?

2. What is the order of the 3 separation of powers?

3. What starts with "We the people..."?

4. What 2 governments work together.

5.Who can impeach the President?

6. How many senates are in a state? how long can they stay in office?


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