Filter of Hope Indaya Community

To visit the Indaya community you have to descend rickety steps from a bridge and then walk along a riverbed. The river is contaminated by sewage from the neighboring communities. A couple of times each year this riverbed floods and families have to relocate to higher ground until the water recedes. The only source of drinking water in this community is piped across the river to a pump. The water from this pump is often yellow and putrid.

Only water source for the Indaya Community
Yamila and Maria

Indaya resident, Yamila, used to have to boil water for her and her daughter, Maria Abigail, each day. Even when she would boil the water it would not taste good. Now that she has been given a filter she can provide all the water her family needs and the water that comes out of the filter tastes clean.


Yamila’s neighbor, Luis, and his wife also recieved a water filter for themselves and for his mother who is struggling with kidney stones. Life is not easy for Luis especially when his home floods and he has to leave their house. He said the government is building better housing for the Indaya residents and that they are waiting to re-locate. Luis is a Christian involved in the local church and is grateful for the Filter of Hope teams that visit his community.


Rosa heard the good news of the gospel through a Filter of Hope team a few weeks ago, but is still not sure what she thinks of Jesus. She is so grateful to Filter of Hope for providing a water filter for her family. Her baby, Ayamei, has sores on her body from contaminated water, but with their filter, their water is clean and safe to drink.

“God sends His children to help those in need”

Yamila now works with the local church as a guide for Filter of Hope teams that visit her community. She believes that God knows every person and what they need and that God has sent His children to help those who really need His care.

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