Health and physical Education Grade 9 Rebecca Dick


In the past years and still to this day I love participating in outdoor sports. These are a few of my favourites. At the end of October, my family and I went to Jamaica. We played beach volleyball almost every day. It was always exciting. Also, in Jamaica we went swimming in the pool and in the sea. I enjoy many different sport. When I was little I participated in ballet, then moved to figure skating. I also played soccer for a couple of years. I was active in swimming lessons for most of public school as well. Last Christmas, my brother bought me a bow and arrow. I enjoy shooting it. I love being active.


At the beginning of the year I scored a 6.3 on the bleep test. The last time that did the bleep test I scored an 7.10. I am very proud of this increase. I think that my score increased because I have been practicing and continuing to be active. My scores for the sit and reach also increased. I am proud of my improvement, and I hope to continue improving.

Field Hockey

At the beginning of the term field hockey was brand new to me. It was also new for every one else which was fun to learn and work through it together. It was difficult to remember all he rules. For me running with the ball and looking where I was are going was hard. At the end of the unit I was starting to get the hang of it. Next year I am hoping to try out for the team.

Track and Field

If I was on the Listowel Lighting team I would like to participate in triple jump. This event is difficult for me, because of the quick movement of my feet. I am sure if I practiced I could become good at it. The reason I would pick this event is because I like running and jumping. I also like to work towards things that are difficult for me.


After playing flag football I understand why so many families play this game in the fall. There is a lot of communicating involved. It is a team sport, it would be fun to bond with your family while playing. Below are the steps on how to hut a football.

Step 1: Place the ball down on the ground on the line of scrimmage.

Step 2: Put your feet shoulder width apart. The ball should be lace up the lace are pointing to your face.

Step 3: Croutch down and put your hand on the ball.

Step 4: Lean forward with your fingers on the side of the ball and your thumb on the lace of the ball.

Step 5: Wait for hut to be called from the quarter back and move the ball in between your legs so the Quarter Back can grab it.


Volleyball was my favourite sport to play this year. The appealing part for me is that there is aways something happening. Everyone is communicating. Another thing is it is a fast moving game, one side is always receiving or passing. I wish we had more time for this sport. If a team mate was struggling with executing some skills, I would tell them to just go for it and have fun. We are all learning and having fun and so should they.


During the semester we played both doubles and single badminton. If I had to choose doubles or singles, my choice would be double. This is because, it is nice to have a team mate. Its fun to work together and communicate. It take some on the stress off when you have someone to play with. I enjoyed this part of the semester, and I hope to continue with badminton.


During our health unit we talked about the importance of decision making in relation to our health. It is extremely important as it will effect the rest of our lives. We need to make the decision to stay fit and healthy in our youth and maintain that into adulthood. We need to continue to build these skills throughout high school so they can be continue throughout the rest of our lives.


I would tell a grade 8 that will be entering high school, that having fun and enjoying high school is important. Being nervous is normal, and don't stress if you have trouble finding your classes on the first day. All the teachers care about your improvement and they are there if you ever need them. Make sure you talk to new people and make new friends. But most of all get involved and enjoy yourself. These memories will last forever.


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