5A6- The White House By Jimmy Czerwinski Mrs Danihers class

  • Dec 14 1799 George Washington died.
  • John Adam died
  • 1865 abereham lincon died
  • November 22 1963 John F Kennedy died
  • Jan 2017 Donald trump became president.
The pictures above are pictures of the library in the White house.
  • The library is located on the first floor.
  • It has a picture of Gorge Washington.
  • The objects in the room are flowers, tables, fire place, chairs, lamps and books.
The pictures above are of the oval office
  • The Oval Office is located in the west wing of the white house.
  • The Oval Office is used for the president to do stuff.
  • The objects in the room are three desk books and a fire place.
  • The basketball court is on the South lawn
  • It is used to play basketball. There was people in wheelchair and they played basketball.
  • There are basketball hoops.
  • They had a pet chicken.
  • They had a pet goat
  • They had a pet mockinburd
  • They had a pet cat
  • They had a pet alligater





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