Mountain View News Term 3 Week 4

Principal's Message

As COVID-19 continues to develop in Sydney we continue to have a strong focus on protecting our students and staff and I would like to thank you for your cooperation in following guidelines to keep our community safe and healthy.

Please remember that if your child is tested for COVID-19, a medical clearance must be supplied to the school before returning. This protocol is keeping us all safe, along with good hand hygiene and daily thorough disinfecting of classrooms and play spaces. Below is an outline of procedures we would follow should our school be impacted.

On another note, it is wonderful to see the quality of work that students are producing in their daily learning and special projects. Yesterday, two teams of students in Years 3-6 participated in a STEM challenge, competing remotely with five other schools. Next week the Year 11 and 12 Creative Arts students will be performing and displaying their art, music and drama. Learning continues in so many ways as students learn not only academic work, but skills for life.

Procedures to follow IF we received notification of a positive test:

The purpose of this information is not to cause alarm but rather for us to be prepared in the event of a positive COVID case. At all times we would be acting under the advice and direction of NSW Health and working in collaboration with the NSW Association of Independent Schools.

• If a student or staff member tested positive, all school families would be notified by email and SMS from the school. The email would contain information and advice from NSW Health stating whether the school would be closed for deep cleaning and contact tracing procedures.

• If the notification was during school hours a request would be made for you to come and collect your child. No student would be permitted to travel home by public transport, however, students who normally travel by school bus would be permitted to do so if required.

• All students would be sent to their home room teacher and remain there are until parents and carers were contacted and travel arrangements made.

• Junior School children (and their older siblings) would be picked up outside of John Eastwood Hall, which is the regular afternoon pick up spot.

• Middle or Senior School students would be picked up at the Kiss and Drop area inside the front of the school.

• Student movement to pick up areas would be under the direction of the Heads of School and assisting staff.

• Parents and carers would remain in their vehicle and staff would bring children to the car.

Mrs Julia Heise


in your Element

Year 8 have been learning the first 20 elements of the Periodic table as part of their study of chemical science. Students have been enjoying races to learn the chemical symbols of the elements, reciting the elements in order as a class and playing Kahoot games to prepare for their quiz. The class average for the quiz was very high which just goes to show that having fun helps you learn. Well done, Year 8.

Maths Game

Project Based Learning is one way students can demonstrate what they’ve learned. Year 7 students designed their own Maths games as part of a unit on Angles and 2D and 3D Shapes. The students loved playing each other games and have been begging to play the games again.

Our Junior School students love their learning!

You Are Loved

Many thanks Ms Fahina Folou for your supportive and inspiring gift you gave to all Year 12 students the day before they commenced their Trial HSC exams last week! The students were very touched!!

Inside the wrapping was a framed quote which said…

‘You are


You are


You are


You are


You are


You are


You are


Ms Watson (Yr 12W Roll Teacher)

STEM Challenge 2020

For STEM challenge this year, it was conducted through Microsoft teams. All the Adventist schools from Sydney participated. The following students represented from our school:

Mahi & Samarth from Year 3

Manarth & Shrikha from Year 4

Charissa & Aarjav from Year 5

Adrian & Christopher from Year 6

There were two teams for this challenge. Team 1 had students from Year 3 & 4, and Team 2 the students were from year 5 & 6


Students had to design and build a device that could carry blocks representing crates of valuable items. The device used to carry the crates was Macqueen. The crates were represented by wooden blocks.

Students were given paper money called stemies and it was used to buy materials from the store. They had to manage their budget effectively.

Finally they presented their product to the judges and the other Adventist schools online. Each group was allocated 3 minutes. For the first 2 minutes they had to carry the crates using the robotic device called Macqueen. Then they talked about their design, construction and performance of their vehicle.

Mountain View ‘Archibald Prize’

Year 11 Visual Art students have participated in their own version of the well known ‘Archibald Prize’. While COVID restrictions did not allow the students to go the Art Gallery of NSW to study the Archibald Portraiture prize, they did create a portrait of someone they feel has made a significant contribution to their local community.

Using zoom as their means of communication with their subject, the Year 11’s relished the opportunity to participate in a real world art making scenario.

The portraits will be given to the individuals, and copies will also be hung in the school foyer. A big thank you to Ms Langbein, the Art Teacher, and the Year 11 students for giving back to the community.

Yr 10 Subject Information for 2021

Yr 10 subject selections for next year are under way with a student subject market during the day followed by a parent information session in the evening.

Year 10 English: Expressive Writing

Year 12 Trial Examinations

Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations commenced last week and came to a close today. It's been a challenging year for this cohort, yet they have approached each examination with confidence. We are already so proud of how resilient and courageous this class is. Please continue to pray for peace, patience and understanding for each student as they start preparations for the HSC in Term 4.

Year 5 PBL


This week Year 5 presented two different PBLs (Project-Based Learning) they have been working on. The first presentation was from their work last term in History, the driving question being “How can we as historians educate our school community about the Gold Rush?” The students created a range of items to help answer this question, some of their projects included dioramas, videos, gold mine models, a gold searching game, lego models and even a gold rush game show with buzzers, plus more! It was great to see the students creativity reflected in their projects and the detail they put into their work.


The other PBL the students have worked on over the past two weeks for mathematics is “Shrinking our environmental footprint” with the driving question being “How can we use data to reduce our families’ impact on the environment?” Students surveyed their peers, teachers and families about environmental issues they were passionate about and wanted to make a change with. Some issues chosen included: water wastage, light pollution, electricity usage, water and plastic pollution. From this students recorded data of how much their families contributed to their chosen issue and then challenged their families to reduce their environmental impact by coming up with various ways to do so. Then over a period of three days, students recorded the reduced amount of their chosen issue. Students presented their findings in the form of various graphs, tables and information they found to their whole grade. Year 5 has seen the impact that each of them make to the environment first hand and now feel the need to keep up their changes to make sure they have a cleaner environment in the future.

Well done Year 5!


Uniform Shop

If you need to pick up uniform or would like to be there with your child as they try on uniform, the shop is open Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 8:40am.