The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Sparkstory Siddharth Kumar

At the Constans Theatre I watched The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt on February 2nd.

While entering the theatre, right before going into the seating area I saw this picture with various people on it and the word "constants" establishing a feel for the artistic imagery that is presented in an actual play. My seating was in the front section of the auditorium, making it a very nice experience because I got a close up look at all of the characters and the stage itself. This allowed me to get a more involved feeling into the play. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, it felt as if we entered into a new world. The size of the auditorium was not that large and since I sat in the front there was a more personal and private feel to the entire play. It felt more like an exclusive and private showing rather than a large Broadway show. Space can affect the Good Life because it some people prefer to be in a small and cozy environment while others feel better being in a larger and open area. People tend to perform better when they are in a place that they are comfortable being in because it allows them to focus better.

Group picture at the backdoor of the Constans Theatre

I attended the play with my friends, Parth and Jonathan, because we thought it would be more fun to go together than to go alone. To get ready I dressed up with nice clothes, such as a collared shirt, and I brought my Gator ID along so that they would let me into the play. Going with friends made going to the play less lonely, however the way I would have perceived the play would have been the same regardless of whether I went alone or with friends. Shared experiences are an important part of the Good Life because it allows the accumulation of many ideas and thoughts to take place and to achiever a broader perspective on the world.

The play takes place in Quebec City, Canada and the main issues from the play are the differences in social class and various types of abuse. It was mainly about how the working class were struggling and actresses such as Sarah Bernhardt were viewed as divine because of her fame and class. In addition, the play brought up the topic of a priest abusing Talbot and Brother Casgrain. Furthermore, it brought up the use of child labor in dangerous factories owned by rich businessmen. I had absolutely no idea of what the play was about before watching it. The play opened my mind up to the fact that this sort of abuse was possible within the hierarchy of the Church, a place that is meant to be pure and without evil. This made me realize that there is no place that is truly safe. However, neither this play nor the issues presented have a direct association with anything that has happened in my life.

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us with an opportunity for Katharsis because it allows people to come clean about the problems within these working class jobs and abuse within pure places such as the Church. It shows everyone the good, bad, and ugly of these places, even when places such as the Church do not want this kind of information to get out because it would tarnish the public opinion on it. These less-than-noble truths enable people to realize that this world is not as happy and pure as many think. The Good Life includes knowing the truth and knowing illusions from reality. These plays give insight on the truths allowing us to see the impure in these kinds of working hierarchies and church hierarchies. Seeing these actions can allow people to take action on them and to actually try and fix them to achieve the life everyone wants, the Good Life.

Four of the pictures taken by Siddharth Kumar's phone. Group picture taken with Jonathan Manipadam's phone.

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Four Pictures taken with Siddharth Kumar's phone. Group picture taken with Jonathan Manipadam's phone.

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