Headhunter Inc. Cody LaRue

BodyGuards are some of his kids and his parents. His parents are Zeus and Danae some of his kids that are helping are Mestor, Heleus, Gorgophone, and Electryon.

Perseus's wife is Andromedia

Associates are Hermes, and Athena


specializing in capturing the head of medusa

medusa's head

Weapons for the business are the sickle that never bends or breaks, the helmet that make you invisible, the bag that can hold any type of item you want, and the reflecting mirror.

sickle that doesn't break or bend
helmet that make you invisible
Company logo

Polydectes wants to marry perseus's mother but perseus's mother doesn't want to marry polydectes then polydectes wants to kill perseus polydectes asks perseus to bring him the head of medusa, then perseus says no problem athena gave perseus a reflected mirror so he doesn't get turned to stone by medusa the sister gave perseus a helmet that makes you invisible, a bag that can hold anything, and a sickle that can't be bent or broken then perseus killed medusa and took her head and put it in the bag that the sisters gave him, then he went back and he killed polydectes.

Perseus killing Polydectes

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Created with images by Eusebius@Commons - "Florence - Perseus"

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