Dynomax Drilling Tools Inc. 10 Years of Providing Quality and Innovation to Drilling Operations Globally

Dynomax Drilling Tools Head Office: Leduc, Alberta

The Dynomax Head office was constructed in 2007 and is a full service facility with over 42,000 sq ft of shop/office area with storage facilities to allow safe storage of customer tools and equipment.

The Dynomax Leduc service team strives to provide exceptional service for all customers 24/7. We are a proud group of employees who strive to offer premium service for our local customers as well as the Dynomax satellite offices and their respective clients.
Dynomax Drilling Tools' head office subscribes to ISO certification and maintains accreditation through internal as well as 3rd party audits to maintain certification of ISO 9001-2015. This facility provides sales, service and engineering support of all product lines.

In-house engineering allows support for our customers to address and tackle drilling challenges in any conditions throughout the world. We offer innovative technologies to arm our customers with quality tools to TD their next project.

In just over 10 years, Dynomax has grown product offerings to include mud motors, shock tools, Slide Reamers, hydraulic/mechanical jars, and the Regulator Sub.

Dynomax Drilling Tools:

Estevan, Saskatchewan

The Dynomax Estevan facility was built in 2013 and is 16,000 sq. feet of shop/office facility with ample storage room to offer customers a safe stocking point for their drilling projects in the area.

The Estevan facility was recently expanded in 2017. This facility offers full service and support for drilling tools used in the prolific Bakken play as well as surrounding areas.
The Estevan facility offers storage and logistic solutions, third party inspection services and machining services to complement the full service offerings of Dynomax product lines.

Dynomax Drilling Tools USA: Houston, Texas

In 2016 Dynomax USA moved into a 32,000 sq. feet facility where they offer full service for all of Dynomax's product lines to support customers throughout the US.

Dynomax strives to offer the same consistent results in our services from our full service facilities. This is accomplished though utilizing and training employees on the usage of equipment such as CMM (Computer Measuring Machine) and the Lotis Laser Measuring to provide consistent, documented results.
Dynomax USA has grown its customer base considerably since moving to its new facility and the revitalization of the market in 2017. We are well situated to offer premium customer service and reliable tools as we grow the business.

Dynomax Drilling Tools Middle-East: Dubai, UAE

In 2018 Dynomax Middle East relocated its facility within the OSC (Oilfield Supply Center) in Jebel Ali. This allows the team in Dubai to leverage a world class collection of top tier companies within the Jebel Ali Free zone and tap into a vast network of relationships that span the entire Eastern Hemisphere.

Dynomax Drilling Tools - Middle East was purchased in 2017 by the O.S.C. group based in Jebel Ali - Dubai. The new entity O.S.C. Dynomax is now located in the Oilfield Supply Center. The OSC group has approx. 1300 employees and holds 11 million square feet of land within Jebel Ali and hosts several oilfield service companies. This new entity will be a part of OSC's vast network of clients spanning the entire Eastern Hemisphere.

Demko Services: Poltava, Ukraine

Demko services in Poltava, Ukraine is building a purpose-built facility in the Ukraine and will endeavour to offer a premium mud motor service facility offering rental of their Dynomax fleet of motors. As the activity picks up in the region Demko is eager to grow their product offerings and introduce additional Dynomax product lines to the area. The service department from Demko underwent training in Dynomax's head office in Canada as well as on-site in Ukraine by Dynomax Drilling Tools employees.

Demko Services purchased a fleet of Dynomax Drilling Motors in 2017 to support Demko's own drilling activity as well as 3rd party rental in the Ukraine. The newly built shop is based in Poltava which is an industrial hub for oilfield services in Ukraine.
Demko's facility will house mud motor and MWD service and repair. They will offer 3rd party rental of mud motors.

IOT-Dosco: Akersloot, Netherlands

IOT-Dosco has represented Dynomax in the region since 2007. IOT-Dosco offers a full motor, shock tool and jar facility to compliment their wide range of solutions to the Oil and Gas, HDD as well as Saltwater and Geothermal projects in their region.

Service training for the IOT-Dosco employees is conducted in the Dynomax Head office in Canada and has been ongoing to offer training on new designs and products. IOT-Dosco is eager to introduce Dynomax's newest product offerings such as the Regulator and Slide Reamer to their vast network of clients.
IOT-Dosco is an independent service provider to the Oil and Gas industry covering a wide range of product sales, rentals and service operations.
Dynomax Drilling Tools carries a large amount of inventory to offer peace of mind to our clients so we can keep their assets working for them and offer a quick growth potential for their business.
Dynomax utilizes top of the line measuring equipment in our Quality Assurance Lab to ensure all components meet our specifications.
As part of our ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality Assurance commitment, all gauges are tracked and calibrated to ensure components meet our expectations every time.
Dynomax is constantly improving our service procedures and equipment to meet our customer's requirements to an evolving industry standard.

"A company is only as good as the people who work for you" - Ray Livingstone - founding partner of Dynomax Drilling Tools


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