How Cheating Happens In School Bradie Timmins

This image represents one of the many ways that cheating happens in High Schools all over the United States!

If you continue to cheat on assignments, you aren't going to have any clue how to do your test and will most likely end up failing!!

Next, if you continue to cheat, you are going to end up seeing your school's principal and we both know neither of your parents are going to want to find this out!

And if you don't ever figure out that cheating won't get you far in life, you could end up being expelled!

Statistics now show that cheating has increased drastically in the past 50 years!

Plagiarism is one of the most serious forms of cheating and if caught in college you could be kicked out and pretty much black listed for acceptance into other schools. (Official definition of Plagiarism is..."the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.")

Sometimes you may not even mean to commit plagiarism but you still do! For tips on how to avoid this disaster mistake view the video above.

And if somehow some way you still don't understand plagiarism, here is a six minute video describing it in too much detail.

One last friendly reminder. No one likes the re-makes so be original!

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