Florida Museum of Natural History dakota mahaffey

I chose the butterfly exhibit for my nature on display section. I though that the butterfly rain forest was the best part of the museum. Usually in natural history museums you can only see exhibits or pictures, but I thought it was amazing that the museum was able to make the exhibits and pictures come to life by creating their own little rain forest ecosystem. It was also interesting to see all the different species of butterflies with their different designs and colors.
I chose this picture for the Nature and Ethics section. This exhibit was a recreation of what Floridian nature looks like. There were rock overhangs, Life size cypress tress, and many other things. This exhibit really helped me to appreciate the abundant beauty that nature in Florida provides. This exhibit also allowed the visitors to connect with nature in that they made it seem like you were taking a walk through the woods. Because of the beauty that this exhibit conveys, it made me feel as if I had a responsibility to be a good steward of our environment.
This is the exhibit that I chose for the Nature and the human spirit section. It may not seem like much, but this exhibit displayed ancient Indian arrowheads that were found in different counties all across Florida. There were three arrowheads that were found in Clay County, which is where I live. This exhibit made me realize that natural history can be found all around us, even where we live and it helped me to connect with the natural world on a personal level.

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