Robots in Parliament House Engaging students in STEM

Bee Bots

The Bee Bot is popular in junior primary for introducing youngsters to robotics.

Beyond pressing buttons, Bee Bots can be programmed.

Sphero - SPRK - BB8

There is about an 80 dollar difference between the Star Wars version of the Sphero, but the programming heart remains the same.

All robots shown here come with comprehensive curriculum packs that teachers can use in the classroom.

LEGO - Mindstorm

Combines those famous blocks with a computer brain to allow infinite possibilities. Very popular in middle years and upper primary, this solution sits above the sphero and possibly just under the EZ-Robot in appeal and sophistication.

LEGO has 15 years and 3 versions that have improved over the years. Certainly a part of our STEM curriculum.

We have invested in 7 packs of MindStorm that will be distributed to schools and used for training workshops.

Interested in getting a robot to solve a Sudoku puzzle?


goes to the next level in programming engagement.

This detailed overview of the capabilities of the EZ-Robot shows it is very capable.

We are investing in class sets for a couple of high schools in the NT and conducting workshops right here in Parliament House.

NAO Humanoid Robot

They can even play soccer

and dance...

At $25000 a robot, this is at the top end of town. Can be programmed over the internet and could be used to engage students from remote locations.

  • Culture neutral
  • Gender neutral
  • Worldview is simply what is programmed

These robots are being used in aged care and special needs such as autism as tireless companions.

At the Telstra Customer Insight Centre in Melbourne, my son and I got to meet Telstra's robot, developed in England with the capability to act as a meet and greet host.

The insight centre contains examples of the house of the future, "Internet of Things", virtual reality and more. I wrote a blog article about that visit which was kindly arranged by Telstra

Although this is a story about robots, I really want to introduce you to the free tools I used to create this web based presentation.

You can create your own page like this one with a free account at

You can also create a movie style story in a really simple way... here is a sample I did

These storytelling tools are fantastic for parents, teachers, communicators, consultants, educators and of course our kids who can either listen to a story, or create their own. Let's see how easy it is!

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