Reflecting On InDesign Teaching & Learning Page Layout

This is a reflection on an Adobe Skill Builder course for Print and Design which I took in March and April of 2017.

The course was extremely well designed, but the site had a few errors with navigation. One included a period in a hyperlink causing a 404 error, and as I write this I still cannot submit A2.

Regardless, I had originally taken the course as I was looking forward to learning more about using InDesign because I wanted to do page layout and typesetting for classes I teach as well as for my current job. I was also looking forward to applying to teach a course that would be new to me and was currently typesetting in LaTeX. Have you ever tried LaTeX? If so, you know why I would consider using InDesign :)

The course was perfectly suited to what I wanted to learn and I'll try using InDesign in future projects. I don't immediately have any students I'd like to teach this too, and none of my colleagues would be interested in it. But teaching and learning InDesign has value both as a student and as a teacher.

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Rick Henderson


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