Brad Mangin By: Teiren Abbott


  • Name: Brad Mangin
  • Born in 1965, San Francisco Bay
  • Currently alive, photographer for sports illustrated etc.

Style of Photography

  • Graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in photojournalism
  • Has done eight cover shots with Sports Illustrated
  • Sports photographer

Special Photography Techniques

  • No specific special photography techniques
  • But is said to be the "Master of Diamond Light"

Main Clients

  • Bay area freelance sports photographer
  • Shoots for mainly Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball

Type of Camera Lens

  • Primarily uses 70-200mm f/2.8 or a 400mm f/2.8
  • Sometimes uses an iphone to take great photos like the one below
Taken with iphone
Camera Lens


  • Doesn't particularly use a specific lighting all the time
  • He goes based off the time the sporting events take place during the day which makes him decide what equipment to use
  • He has some great photos under dramatic directional light
  • Nickname: "Master of Diamond Light"

Early Influences

  • His Best friend Joe Gosen got him to take photography as a junior in high school
  • Paul Ficken(photo teacher) also inspired and made photography fun
  • Brad and Joe decided to get a career in photojournalism together
  • Attended Ohlone College

Photographer Stories

  • Baseball was his favorite sport growing up
  • Favorite teams are San Francisco Giants because of his father and sister
  • As a kid he fell asleep to a radio playing night games
  • Wanted to be the announcer/"radio play-by-play guy" to get payed for going to the ballpark everyday


  • I like his work, his photos really tell a story
  • I chose this photographer because he's shoots sports and that's something i can relate to because I like most sports

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