Pandora's box by:kenlee roberts

The legend of the Pandora's box is a legend that no one really know's if it's real.Characters: Epimetheus, Prometheus, Zeus, Hephaestus, Pandora. Pandora was Maried to Epimetheus. He was friends with Zeus. One day he gave Pandora a box he warned her not to open it but of course her curiosity got the best of her. She opend the box and all the sudden all these evil spirtis came out- envy, sickness, hate, disease.Pandora slammed the lid shut but it was to late but befor she closed it she saw that hope had came out. And that hope made all of the differens in the world.

I'm a lady don't bug me


Created with images by blakeimeson - "Black Walnut Jewelry Box" • DigitizedImage - "ladybug nature spring"

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