SeeSaw: Microfinance

Let's look at a micro-financing project that provides micro-credit to recipients in rural areas

Wouldn't it be great if the process of tracking a poor household through its different repayment stages could be easily managed and verified?

This is where SeeSaw comes in...

Our systems are an excellent way to ensure that payments have been made by recipients, and that all payments collected by loan officers have been accurately reported.

And all while making the process transparent to donors and other stakeholders.

A record for each loan recipient is created, and as steps in the process are completed, new information is added, and can be retrieved by anyone, in a variety of ways, no matter what day or what time.

So what sort of information is needed? And how can it be collected?

We want to introduce you to Tran...

Tran is the credit officer tasked with collecting repayments from each loan recipient. Once a month, Tran visits each community on a specific day, at a central location, and collects repayments from each loan recipient in the area.

Snapture - it's as easy as 'click click click'

Once Tran arrives at the central collection point, he pulls out his phone and opens Snapture, an Android application that allows him to send in photos and take pictures of codes (similar to QR codes) to relay information.

Tran can use Snapture to submit information about the loan collection process, check in and out at each collection point, and provide proof that each step in the process has been correctly followed.

The application allows Tran to take pictures of the location, and the list of payments to be collected, and to answer, among other questions, "Are you at the assigned collection point?", "Do you have the list of loan recipients for the collection point?" and "Have you successfully collected and recorded all of the repayments for this collection point?"

There are a few perks of Snapture that make it quite easy for Tran to use. He doesn't have to read or type anything on the screen - picture taking has never been easier: just press the volume buttons to snap a picture.

After reporting via Snapture, Tran can also receive an SMS back to thank him for his reports. If for some reason he does not report, Tran will receive an SMS prompt reminding him that he still needs to report.

Now, meet Lan

Lan is one of the recipients of a micro-finance loan, for which she makes regular repayments to a credit officer.

SeeTell - A Missed Call System

SeeTell is a system based on 'missed calls' -- a tool that can be used on any type of cellphone, is free for users, and is as simple and as quick as dialling a few digits. Lan makes a 'missed call' to a pre-determined number that signals that she has made a repayment.

Lan is able to report on a number of different things - that she has successfully made her required repayment, that she was able to pay more than the required amount, that she was unable to make a repayment, or that she needs to report an issue (in this case, she can make a missed call that signals that she requires a call back)

Once she has reported, Lan will receive an SMS confirming her report

But it doesn't stop there...

Let's not forget about YOU - management!

We realise that there are many Vinh's and Lan's out there that need managing and co-ordinating. We are here to help you with that!

All of your collected information, from each individual loan recipient and credit officer, can then be put into Airtable, Google Sheets or Trello to assist in tracking the progress of each loan.

...and in the same way that this board shows the status of households in Cambodia, it can be used to reflect the status of individual loans

Additionally, reports from credit officers and loan recipients can be compared, and any discrepancies dealt with.

Of course, you can also receive this information via email, alerts via SMS, or ask us to look at other methods and mechanisms that you already use.

In short, Snapture and SeeTell are designed to assist you with collecting and managing the information you need - improving oversight, increasing accountability, and streamlining your processes and systems

As they are highly customisable, these tools can be tailored to a wide variety of situations, to gather and bring together different kinds of information, from a range of different sources...

So what's your project?

For more information, email us at info@greenseesaw.com.


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