Intro To Art Taylor Reger

I wanted to take Intro To Art because I wanted to expand my creative thinking and my use of imagination. I thought we were going to learn easy and simple things and not do to much stuff because it is only Intro but I learned that you actually have to know what you are doing in order to do it right.

Edges and contour


Relationship and proportion

Light and shadows

I learn this one the most because you need to know the light and all the kinds of shadows. In order for this to look 3D or realistic then you need to know where you should put the shadows.

My improvement has gotten better since the first day of school. The first drawing was a blind contour. The second one I was looking and i thought it looked really good at the time but then I drew this one and I think it looks more realistic than the others.

Chiaroscuro is when you have light and dark and it creates the allusion of space.

I believe that my nose had the most improvement. In the very first picture I had no idea how draw draw a nose. In the second picture I think I improved a lot more it looks more like a nose. In the third picture I think it looks a lot like my nose. I also think I improved a lot in my eye at first i was drawing football shaped ones. The first eye compared to the last eye has improved so much I don't do the football eye anymore and I actually draw my own eye.
I wish to improve on this one the most becasue I feel like my edges could be a softer transition and my crest shadow could have been better

I have seen the most improvement in my drawing ability and my technical skills. I know how to draw realistic things and I also know where and how to put the charcoal on.

2nd Semester

I learned the most from the Ferrofluid oil pastels. I learned that you can't erase the oil pastels like you can with the chalk pastels. I found it easier to blend the colors together.

I learned that when you do the heliopgraph water color it is good to use analogous colors which are right next to each other. For the ferrofluid you can mix primary colors like blue and red to get a purple in the gradation

I feel like I mastered the water color and oil pastel. I don't feel like I mastered the chalk pastel

I've seen the most improvement with my design skill. I also see a difference with my attitude. I feel more confident in my work.

I discovered that I am more confident and I use a better choice of color and I make better designs.

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