MetalMachine Dannielle

France, Italy, Canada, USA, Japan, China, and Iraq cheered as the MetalMachine beat the other bots. My partner was Shelby. Our bot was the MetalMachine. We built the bot to work with partners with success and destroy the other bots. The purpose was to learn the design cycle process. We also did this to work on commas. This really helped with partnership.The MetalMachine was the best bot in the class because we were durable, the biggest bot, and had deadly weapons.

The MetalMachine is the best bot in the class because we are durable. This makes us the best bot because we can handle more than they can give us. We are very durable and withstood spikes. They crashed into us with spikes and it didn't hurt us. There’s nothing strong enough to destroy our bot. The MetalMachine is definitely the most durable.

MetalMachine is the best in the class because we’re the biggest. We’re the biggest ‘because lawnmowers are usually bigger than remote control cars. We have an advantage with being the biggest. The advantage is that we can hold more weapons. The more weapons the deadlier. Clearly, MetalMachine is the biggest.

Mine is the best because it has deadly weapons. The deadlier the weapons the better the bot. We destroyed the Tiger with our sledgehammer. The sledgehammer is a deadly weapon. This made us the best. MetalMachine was definitely the deadliest.

The MetalMachine is the most durable, the biggest, and has the deadliest weapons. The best bot is the MetalMachine because we are super strong. MetalMachine is the best because we’re the largest. My bot’s the best because we have deadly weapons. “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” -Unknown

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