The Host by: Stephanie Meyer By: Alyssa mastroieni

Published: May 8, 2008

Setting: The deserts of Arizona

Brief Plot Summary: The book is about Earth after an apocalypse where parasitic aliens called ¨Souls¨ have taken over. When a Soul is placed in a human´s body, all of their qualities are erased except for their memories. Wanderer is a Soul and is placed inside the body of Melanie Stryder, although Melanie is one of the only people who isn´t completely brainwashed and wants to use Wanderer as a way to help her find her family.

About the Author:

Stephanie Meyer is a fiction writer and film producer. She is best known for her series Twilight.

Main Characters:

Wanderer- The ¨Soul" that is in Melanie´s body. She is scared of humans and it is difficult for her to lie to people.

Melanie Stryder- ´human rebel´ that was captured and implanted with a Soul (Wanderer).

Ian O´Shea- The guy that Wanderer likes. He hates the Souls, but starts to like Wanderer.

Writing Style- I like how the book is written in first person point of view instead of third person like most books I have read.

Theme- The themes of the book are identity and family.


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