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Published on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 10:02pm.

Growing up with a mom who loved to feed her children the healthiest foods and spent little time giving me and my brother sugary snacks like Gushers or Capri Suns, nothing was more magical than the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafting into my room. Upon smelling that mouthwatering smell, I would run downstairs and wait for my mom to open the oven doors where twelve, perfect, gooey cookies waited to be devoured by me and my brother. However, while I am no longer seven years old, I still love cookies. In fact, I am about to become a senior, and thank goodness, because now I have the freedom to do whatever I want, including exploring Dallas, and everything it has to offer. One of my goals going into senior year was to find the best cookie in Dallas, and with the help of my followers on Instagram, I narrowed down the best type of cookie, and the best place to buy cookies, to three places.

The results for first and second place were predictable. Chocolate chip cookies came in first place, snickerdoodle ranked second, and, surprisingly, oatmeal raisin came in third place. Where my followers liked to buy their cookies from surprised me even more than the fact that a lot of people like oatmeal raisin cookies-- most people like homemade cookies the best. Coming in second place for best cookie spots was Tiff’s Treats, and third place was The Cookie Shop in Deep Ellum. With this newfound data, the quest to find the best cookie in Dallas begins.

A graph of the data I received

The top three cookie choices will be reviewed from each of the top three stores, or my house for the homemade cookies, that you suggested. The cookies will then be taste tested and reviewed before rating the store, or my baking abilities, out of five stars. The cookies' taste will be primarily reviewed, but some aspects of the store will influence the overall rating such as freshness or little parking near the store.

located at 2932 Main St Suite 102, Dallas, TX

The Cookie Shop opened earlier this year with one goal: to make you want to "eat the f***ing cookie". It is their motto, after all. Owner McKenzie Mitchell came up with this down to earth motto while working. “We have a good time doing our job... nobody’s pissed when you hand them a cookie,” she said to the Dallas Observer. Nobody could be angry when they are given one of The Cookie Shop’s cookies--they are as big as your head, buttery, crisp, a little salty on the outside, and like cookie dough on the inside. They offer seven cookies, three of which were reviewed, that are baked fresh throughout the day, so you know you are always biting into a cookie that is fresh from the oven. Each cookie has a unique name, such as their "Charlie Brown" cookie, which gets its name from the peanut M&Ms inside. There is also the "HP Mom", also known as the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, that gets its name from how much the ingredients cost. The three cookies reviewed were the snickerdoodle, called the Sis & Bub, the chocolate chip cookie, called the Betsy Ross because of the cookie's reputation of being an "all American cookie", and the oatmeal raisin cookie, that is lovingly known as the Grandma. The names are cute and creative, but how good are these big, buttery cookies?

rating of the cookie shop

Your tastebuds will explode with joy after eating these cookies. The snickerdoodle cookie was caramelized around the edges and lightly browned on top, giving the cookie a nice crunch that contrasts nicely with the moist, buttery cookie interior. The chocolate chip cookie was packed with chocolate-- no edge of that cookie was left untouched by chocolate. It was very sweet because of all the chocolate, but the caramelization and saltiness of the cookie's edges helped to balance it out. The oatmeal cookie was not as heavy as other oatmeal cookies--it was actually very light with a cake-like crumb. There was a light browning on the cookie that gave the cookie some bite, and the raisins were evenly distributed throughout the cookie so it did not taste like a raisin cookie. Each cookie balanced the savoriness of its caramelized crust with its sweet, moist interior. Overall, these cookies were delicious and an amazing start to the journey to find the best cookie in Dallas.

the cookie shop's gigantic cookies. from left to right: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle

There are two drawbacks that make the Cookie Shop four-and-a-half out of five stars. The first drawback is the price, but the size and quality of the ingredients makes up for the cost of five dollars per cookie. The second drawback is the traffic and parking in Deep Ellum. Going to Deep Ellum can be really fun; you can drive downtown and take in the cityscape, or explore everything Deep Ellum has to offer. Traffic and the construction in Downtown Dallas, however, can easily turn the fifteen minute drive into a thirty minute drive. Parking is another issue; it can be difficult to find a parking spot that is not next to a meter or in a fire zone. However, as long as you go to Deep Ellum in the off-hours or on the weekends before it gets busy, you will have no trouble finding parking. Plus, the Cookie Shop delivers. While these cookies are delicious and huge, the traffic and parking issues ultimately gives the Cookie Shop a four-and-a-half out of five star rating. But, the pain of traffic and parking is worth it for these cookies.

located at 8611 Hillcrest Rd #130, Dallas, TX

Tiff's Treats pioneered the delivery of warm cookies to your doorstep, where you can even order a pint of ice cream or chocolate milk to be enjoyed with your straight-from-the-oven-warm cookies. The Austin-based company began in 1999 and has expanded to several cities, including Dallas. Dallasites treasure Tiff's Treats. "It [is] relatively cheap for delivery, always hot, always good, [has a] good selection [of cookies], and also they have chocolate milk and ice cream," says Bo Miltenberger. "I like Tiff's Treats because the cookies taste homemade. They are tasteful without the hassle of baking cookies by yourself," says Meagan McWilliams. "They are always so warm and chewy," says Ellie Rodriguez. Dallasites really love their Tiff's Treats! What sets Tiff's Treats apart from the other cookie places is their offering of ice cream sammies, brownies, and their signature TiffBlitz frozen dessert, which mixes ice cream, brownies, and cookies together into something truly delicious. They also offer high-quality ingredients for the low price of one dollar and twenty-five cents per cookie.

rating of tiff's treats

These cookies are made for people who love a thin, chewy cookie. The chocolate chip cookie's crust was thin and crunchy, almost like a Tate's cookie. The inside was soft and had a moderate dispersion of chocolate throughout the cookie, and it was not too overwhelming. It was a tasty, traditional chocolate chip cookie. The snickerdoodle cookie had a sweet crust and a buttery, sugary interior. The cinnamon flavor became a little lost with all the sugar in the cookie and the sugar on top of the cookie, but the chewiness made up for the lack of cinnamon flavor. The oatmeal cookie had a nice bite, and tasted like a sugar cookie with raisins and oatmeal strewn within. The only critique of the oatmeal cookie is that the raisins were all centralized to one part of the cookie, but that is most likely due to the large amount of cookies Tiff's Treats churns out daily, where there is little time to make sure every cookie is one hundred percent perfect.

some half-eaten tiff's treats cookies. from left to right: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle

Because of the large batches Tiff's Treats turns out daily, one question presented itself: how fresh are these cookies? Upon entering the store, the cookies are displayed in a large, glass case. Behind the counter is a convection oven that will warm the cookies. Warm cookies do not always mean that the cookies are fresh from the oven. Upon further research, it was confirmed that all of the cookies are baked to order and made fresh daily. However one drawback to the cookies being made each morning is when you order these cookies at night, because they are not as fresh. In the end, these cookies receive four-and-a-half stars out of five because of the freshness, but these cookies are still deliciously chewy.

located in my kitchen

Homemade cookies are reminiscent of hot, Texas summer days where after spending the afternoon in the pool, you come inside to smell freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for you. Perhaps you even enjoyed your plate of cookies with a tall, refreshing glass of milk while watching television. These cookies are already mouthwatering because these cookies are made with love. "Homemade cookies are the best," says Michaela Coulter, "because they come from the heart." Another feature that people love about homemade cookies is that you can pick the ingredients and come up with new flavor combinations. "I love homemade cookies because it feels rewarding to eat something I personally made," says Sarabeth DeBord. "I also like experimenting with different ingredients and coming up with new combinations," she says. For the homemade cookies, online recipes were used. For the chocolate chip cookies, Nestle's Tollhouse recipe was used; for the snickerdoodle cookies, Williams Sonoma's recipe was used; and for the oatmeal raisin cookies, Ina Garten's recipe was used.

rating of the homemade cookies

The smell of these cookies has reached every corner of my house. The oatmeal raisin cookies were warm, full of oaty goodness, and the raisins were evenly distributed throughout the cookies. The chocolate chip cookies were gooey and practically melted in my hands from the extra chocolate chips that were added. The interior was soft and chewy with a bite. Finally, the snickerdoodle cookie: buttery, cinnamon-y, and sugary. All the pure ingredients that went into the snickerdoodle cookie culminated in a rich, soft cookie that filled the kitchen with a cinnamon smell. These cookies were hands-down delicious.

some ingredients that were used. from left to right: mccormick's ground cinnamon, king arthur's flour, and the back of a nestle tollhouse bag

The only drawback to homemade cookies is how time-consuming making homemade cookies can be. It does take some extra time buying and mixing the ingredients, but the memories surrounding homemade cookies makes homemade cookies the best. Because of the memories, homemade cookies are given a five star rating.

While Tiff's Treats gives buyers a low-cost, high-quality, warm cookie, and the Cookie Shop gives you a huge, savory yet sweet cookie, ultimately, homemade cookies took home first place for being the best cookie in Dallas. Being able to hand-pick the ingredients, bake the cookies, then reap the rewards is fulfilling. Homemade cookies make gloomy, rainy summer afternoons into happy days with the help of some warm cookies and a glass of milk. Those kinds of memories are something that Tiff's Treats or the Cookie Shop simply cannot give you.

author's note: all of these cookies were super delicious & I loved them all! none of this is personal or meant to offend, so my apologies if this article offends anyone...but it really shouldn't because this article is about cookies.

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