The Cow Tower By: Arya

So many people loved there new auditorium. So on Halloween there was a Halloween party and there was a couple of high school students who were pulling a prank. They got a cow and walked up the stairs. When they were almost there the cow got...STUCK. Let me repeat that again When they were almost there the cow got....... STUCK. So they pushed and pushed but the cow didn't move so the left the cow there.

In the morning the principle was walking around and he noticed mooing. MOO MOO MOO MOO! So he went to look for the cow he was climbing or walking up and around the stairs in the auditorium. The principle was almost there than BAM there was the.......COW the principle was....was....was.......was...amazed no surprised no he was...surprised. So the principle was trying and trying and trying to push the cow but he..couldn't. That is it for today I hope you love COWS and have a good awesome day!

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