Behind the Door of D4! By: Emma Jo, Haley, Kayla, Mariah, Ava

No More Bullying! TO THE BULLIES... STOP!!!!

The seventh graders did a skit and it was about bullying. They acted out a skit of a girl that was bullying another girl. One day, which was day four, a girl came up to the girl and told her about the Golden Rule and she stood up for the girl and told the bully to STOP. We need to tell bullies to stop and don't just ignore it.


By Mariah and Emma Jo


How to make glow in the dark balloons.

First you get a white balloon, then you get 4 or 5 glow sticks any color. Then you put air or water in the balloon and put 4 or 5 glow sticks into the balloon then you have a glow in the dark balloon for a party or a sleep over. There you go a glow in the dark balloon!!!!!!!!!!

Slime balloon

First you have to get a bunch of clear glue and get a bowl and squirt all of the glue in the bowl. Make sure you get all of the glue into the bowl. Then you get some toothpaste and you squirt the whole bottle of toothpaste into the bowl. Then you grab a spoon and mix it up. After that you grab a balloon then you pour the slime into the balloon. Then you blow the balloon up and tie it up.

AzMerit Pep Rally

On Wednesday, March 29th, we had a Pep Assembly to kick off AzMerit. You might know AzMerit is coming up really soon! Next week is when we are starting AzMerit testing. This week we had an assembly. The assembly was a pep rally to cheer on all the students to have courage to do well on the test. At the Pep rally there was a basketball game against students and teachers. Guess what? The students won! Also at the Pep Rally, Mr. Bush and Mrs. Donahue had to eat a worm and kiss a fish. If we have 90% attendance during testing time, Ms. Estrada will KISS A PIG! (She does not like Pigs at all!) By Ava

Peter Piper PIzza Night

On Thursday, April 6th, from 4:30 - 7:30 Garden Lakes will have a fundraiser. Meet us at Peter Piper Pizza on 99th Ave. and McDowell for fun, food and friends. (Mrs. Parnell will be there around 6:00). Don't forget to wear your Disney clothes. You can wear them to school also to help us win a Pizza Party for our classroom! DRESS IN DISNEY!!!

Mrs. Parnell's Corner

We have been so busy getting ready for AzMerit testing which starts next week! We have been reviewing everything we have learned in Science, practicing using protractors and learning about angles in math, reading, reading and more reading and typing on the computer to practice our skills. WE ARE READY!

If you would like to donate any snacks for testing we would greatly appreciate it. Anything clean and individually wrapped would work.

Testing Schedule: Tuesday=Writing, Thursday and Friday= Science. We will be taking Reading and Math the Monday and Tuesday after Easter.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT SCHOOL ON TIME EACH DAY. Make up testing is no fun and it has been shown that students don't do as well when they are taking individual make ups compared to taking them with their classes because they want to hurry to get back to their classmates and do what they are doing.

Have a great weekend.


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