Mountain View News Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Message

This morning (usually on a Wednesday) I was on kiss and drop duty and waited for the students to get off the bus and out of cars. As they alighted from the bus I greeted them with a cheery “Good Morning”. To my surprise and dismay only one or two students greeted (these were the junior students). When the other bus came in with more senior students, it wasn’t any better. Maybe just two or three greeted. Now I am not that old and full of myself to have everybody greet me but I did wonder where that lesson on etiquette disappeared. Are we so involved with ourselves, caught up on our phones and headphones that we don’t take the time to acknowledge one another?

“Once you have been introduced to someone, the next time you see that person it is important to greet them. We also greet people as we leave people.” (About.com)

I also think it is important for students to acknowledge their teachers in the morning. We sit and wonder where society goes wrong and maybe it is because we miss to teach the little things like greeting.

Why don’t we practice what we want other people to learn about western culture?

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening for when ever you read this article.

Mr Irwin Steyn


Chaplain's Address

We have had some amazing events take place in the chaplaincy space lately and have some great events coming up next week.

On June 8th and 9th our senior school students attended our annual Senior Day of Worship that was held over two days. Year 9 and 10 attended on Tuesday and year 11 and 12 attended on Wednesday. The events took place at Hills Adventist College and Kellyville SDA church.

Each day began with a worship service for the boys in the Kellyville church while the girls enjoyed some activities in the Hills auditorium next door. Our students from Mountain View lead out in the praise and worship and done an exceptional job leading the students in worship and made us super proud as they displayed their God-given talents to all their peers. Then both the boys and girls met together for some food at our hangout cafe where they enjoyed some hot toasties, fresh donuts provided by our awesome conference Education department and lots of other goodies to keep them warm and provide a time of connecting with our sister schools and fellow students. After the hangout café both groups switched. The girls enjoyed their worship service while the boys went into the activity portion of the program.

It was a great day of connecting with other students, connecting through activities and connecting with God. A huge thank you to all those involved in making the two days a successful memory event for all our students. Thank you to the chaplains, teachers, students and conference admin that were involved. Your hearts for service were seen throughout both the days.

We are also very excited about what we have coming up next week. On Thursday, our school choir will be taking chapel at Hills Adventist College. We have been practising each week and are looking forward to sharing the good news of Jesus through our music ministry.

Next Saturday, June 19th our choir will be taking the worship service at Mountain View Adventist church which is on our college campus and meets in the JE Hall. This program will begin at 11am on Saturday June 19th.

It’s a blessing to have our students spread joy and love through their musical talents and to see them grow in their abilities through their performances and rehearsals. We are richly blessed at Mountain View to have these opportunities and we thank all the families who support these ministries by allowing your children to participate and for keeping us in your prayers. We would like to encourage all families to support our students by attending the church service and witnessing their talents live. It will be a huge blessing to all those in attendance.

God bless,

Mountain View Chaplains

Department of the Week: English

Bringing Shakespeare to Year 10 English!

In Year 10 English, students have been studying Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice. The aims of this unit have been to expand students’ understanding and perspectives through a close study of Shakespeare and to develop students' individual performance skills. For assessment, students were assigned a speech delivered by one of the characters in the play and they had to present a dramatic performance of this speech, demonstrating their ability to understand and interpret the character in the context of the play. Over the last few weeks, students have been learning important skills for this task such as voice projection, diction, cadence, creating mood by matching gestures to tone and dialogue and how to perform with dramatic intensity. As a classroom teacher, it has been pleasing to see students’ high engagement with this unit. Their hard work, enthusiasm and talent have all culminated in some great stage performances.

Mr B. Singh

Year 10 Students’ Perspectives…

‘This assessment was very enjoyable because it gave me a chance to showcase my abilities and passion in acting. It also took me out of my comfort zone. It was very challenging but fun.’ (Leon Sta Elena)

‘I found this assessment quite enjoyable because it was something different and I got to try something new. It gave me a chance to enhance my interest in acting. It was scary but yet fun.’ (Kashish Sambher)

‘I liked this task because it was fun and I had a good experience while acting.’ (Eknoor Kaur)

Afro Step & Channel Ten's ‘Studio 10’ visits MVAC

Throughout this term Year 7-12 students have been participating in Aerobics as a sport choice on Tuesday afternoon. The company that runs this activity is called Afro Step. On 20 May Channel Ten came on campus to highlight the community contribution Afro Step is making around Sydney. Afro Step selected Mountain View Adventist College to best represent diversity and the enthusiasm this sport encourages in participants to enjoy physical activity.

The session was recorded live for the national TV show ‘Studio 10’ and some of our students were participating in an aerobics session in the background while the instructor discussed her community contribution and her company Afro Step. The students were very excited and nervous about participating in Aerobics and being on National TV. (Please see the link below of this recording). A huge thank you to all students who participated in this recording session and a massive thank you to Sheron from Afro Step for her involvement in our College. If you are interested in participating in this activity please contact Sheron for more information through the website

or email via sheron@afrostep.com.au

“For me being able to share my culture on national TV was an empowering and prideful experience and I felt inspired to enable others to outwardly express their ethnic background”- Nomathemba Madziva

‘The session was a great time to get your body moving and dancing to afro beats. I really enjoyed the session because was able to learn a few more moves to my dancing’ Patrick Amadi

CSSA State Cross Country

A select number of senior and junior students were chosen to represent our school for the CSSA State Cross Country on Friday 28th May 2021 at the Horsley Park Equestrian Centre. Unfortunately due to poor weather, we have been unable to hold our school Cross Country this year to represent our school, so previous data was used to decide who our representatives would be.

Students braved the cold and windy day to run against various CSSA schools from across the state, including some of our Adventist sister schools. Although many found the run challenging they all gave it their best. It was also pleasing to hear that some of our students chose to stop and assist others in need along the race track, which slowed them down but demonstrated the character of Christ towards others and the RICI school values instilled in them. We would like to congratulate all students but in particularly our top achievers in Zion who finished 12th and Divreet who finished 19th in their specific age division.

New School Management System

Over the coming weeks, we will be implementing a new School Management System which will look after the student, families and financial management components of our College. During this time, we will be migrating data from one system to the next. This is a complex process and our system testing to date has gone well with student and parent data migrating nicely.

What does this mean for you?

Initially there will be no change. Interactions with the school with regards to school fees, updating of student and parent details (addresses, phone numbers etc) remain unchanged. It is planned that a parent portal will be opened where you will be able to see and update some information. The timeline for the opening of the portal is yet to be decided.

Term 3 School Fees

We have run the Term 3 school fees this week. The payment due date of these fees will remain the same as if we had run them next month with the applicable early payment discounts still applying when paid by the due date. Should you ask the college for an updated fee balance between now and Term 3, please keep this in mind as your balance may seem higher than expected. The School Fee Statements will be sent via regular post next week with payment due by Friday 6 August 2021 for prompt payment discount. Our plan for the future is to send electronic statements to our families.

We do request your patience with us as we learn the new system. We apologise if things take a little longer than usual to respond to your requests. Please also note that we will have restricted access to our regular system from Monday 21 June 2021. Regular payments of school fees (via EFT, BPAY, Direct Deposit, Direct Debit, Payway, Cash etc), the purchase of school uniforms and your regular interactions with the office can continue as usual with transactions being updated in the new system when we come back online.

We are due to go live with the new system on Monday 28 June 2021.

If at any stage you have any queries with regards to your account, please feel free to contact the Admin Office. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we make this transition to the new system.

New School Sign

As you would have seen today, we have had our new school LED sign installed. We would like to thank Metro Signs for working with us on delivering these to us. The new signage will help to lift the profile of our college within the community and enable us to showcase our College.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.


Neighbour Awareness and Afternoon Pickups

We have had a couple of complaints from our neighbours with regards to parents parking across their driveways and hindering access to their homes. Please ensure that if you are parked in any side streets or on Doonside Road, that our neighbours driveways and access to their homes is not hampered and that all appropriate road rules and road safety are being followed. We want to ensure the safety of our students, their families, our neighbours and the general public whilst maintaining a good relationship with our neighbours.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Kiss and Drop

We would like to remind patents of the Kiss & Drop process in the morning. All students with the exception of Prep should be dropped off in the Kiss & Drop area from 8am onwards. Parents taking their children to Prep need to enter the college via the Kiss & Drop area veering to the right side and progressing through to the Prep drop off area. Click the button below to view the map and procedure.

We ask all parents to please not drop students off in the front carpark area near the Admin building and to follow this morning procedure to keep our students, families and staff safe at this very busy time.