On one ordinary day in a ordinary town, there lived an grumpy old man. The man would yell and the paper boy and scream at anyone who rang his door bell
But one day came where his grandson came to town the old man’s frown turned upside down. The man loved his grandson from the bottom of his heart mainly because the boy was very very smart. Whenever the boy came to town the man would tell him stories full of happiness and light
As the boy sat on his grandfather’s lap the grandfather said “today son I going to tell you a story of a great mishap, a story about what life was like then when I was young, a story about what life was like then” The boy was nervous at first but then put on a smile because he knew the story would not be bile
"When I was your age son I had so much fun like you do know, But this was a time where flowers grew freely when the world just perfect. There where birds everywhere as well as lions and tigers and bears"
But a day came where a man rolled into town, wearing a suit and tie and he would always frown. He said “ there is so much you could do here, lets try it at once, my factories would go well over there in the front”
Almost immediately the man started building his factories with his workers getting paid very high salaries . The man would cut down our trees until there where barley left. And then would send them to the factories where they ould be turned into dirt and rubbish. The rubbish would polute the air until it was barley breathable
The man stayed there for year until all the trees where gone then he packed up and just moved on. Even after the man left the trees did no grow back , they never ever grew back.
The years went on and the mood went down, everyone always seemed very very sad, but as I grew I knew I could do something to get the trees back.
So I started cleaning up the rubbish that that bad man had left behind, and the town started using solar and wind power, and slowly but steadily the trees came back, one by one they just popped up,
but sonny boy not all is restored there are still people out there that ant our trees gone and we cant let that happen, our trees and wildlife are the best thing about this earth and without them we could not be able to live
so please son clean up your rubbish and use better power because if not the trees wil leave again and we cant have that.


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