Cooking and Food! by:Olivia

How do you think Colonial Americans felt if there was no food to eat in winter? Terrible right? Colonial Americans would dry their food, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, because food like that will not grow in the winter. Colonial Americans had to think ahead in the summer and spring to make sure they had food all year long. Food during colonial times was interesting and important.

In Colonial times you had to save your fruits by freezing them.

Did you know that Colonial Americans eat and drink different from us today? At the dinner table you would eat with your hands and the only utensil was a knife. What Colonial Americans drank was beer, cider, and milk ( if they where sick). The only thing they could catch or farm was deer, fish, and crops on the farm. That is what the Colonial Americans eat and drink.

In Colonial times a lot of people would drink beer.

One other thing that Colonial Americans did was fish and hunt. Fishing was very important in the the summer because that's when all the fish come out that means it is time to fish! It was not just fish around there was also ousters, crabs, lobsters and more. Hunting was very important too because sometimes you no not have enough money to go down to the bakery and get stuff. That is why fishing and hunting is very important!

People who would cook would catch fish for dinner sometimes ( If they were lucky).

That is how Colonial American ate and got there food back then. That is why we save foods. Thanks for reading this cooking and food article.

Thank you for reading!


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