Traveling Through the World's Religions By: ty mcguire

Day 1: I am starting my trip by getting on a plane and heading to northeast India, which is the center of Hinduism. I want to learn more about the religious architecture and some sacred sights of the Hindus. After my very long flight I will meet up with a translator that speaks Hindi, and we will find our place to stay for the night.

Day 2: We get up very early in the morning, we are heading out to go to the Badrinath temple which is located near the Alaknanda River in the town of Badrinath. This holy shrine of Lord Vishnu is one of the four holiest sites for Hindus. After spending some time there we have to make a long journey to where we are staying for the night.

Day 3: Again we must get up very early to journey to the city of Varanasi, which has many very sacred sights and rituals that are very important to the Hindus. One of those sights being the Ganges River. The Hindus believe that the water in the river is holy, so everyday thousands of people go down to the river to bathe. It also includes the "Golden Temple". It is a temple located in the middle of water, and the sides of the building are all colored gold. Also it has a small dome on the top which is also gold. After we spend the day at these two sights we head back to our room for the last night.

Day 4: Today we are leaving India to head to Thailand to study the religion of Buddhism. Tomorrow the first place we will head to is Wat Pho, Bangkok. It is the oldest and largest temple in the Buddhist religion.

Day 5: We have arrived in Thailand, and we will immediately head for Wat Pho so we can spend as much time as possible there. The first thing we see when we get there is a ton of Buddha statues and a very big temple. Wat Pho is considered to be one of the holiest places in Thailand.

Day 6: Today we are going to visit a temple called Wat Tham Suae, just outside of Krabi in southern Thailand. It is surrounded by a tropical rainforest, and we have to walk up 1,237 steps just to reach the temple! When we reached the top we were greeted with a golden Buddha statue. The temple is famous for the tiger prints on the floors and the walls. It is also one of the holiest sights in the Buddhist religion. Today was our last day in our short trip to Thailand, tomorrow we will be getting on a plane and heading to Jerusalem, to study the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Day 7: Today we will be traveling to the Church of Holy Sepulchre which is regarded by most Christians to be the holiest sight in their religion. It is believed to be the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. The church was build hundreds of years after he was crucified and includes statues of the Virgin Mary, Christ's tomb marks, and a giant marble slab that is thought to be Jesus' original tomb. From the outside of the church you can see a grey dome with a big cross on the top of it. It was very cool to see a building with so much history inside of it. Tomorrow we will be studying the religion of Judaism.

Day 8: Today we will be visiting the Wailing Wall, which is also in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall is thought to be the holiest place for the Jews. The wall is actually called the Western Wall, but has been nicknamed the Wailing Wall because of the Jews that used to weep at the wall over the destruction of temples. The wall is 1,601 feet long, and reaches 25 feet in height. There are thousands of Jewish people everyday that go to the wall and pray, and stick notes in the wall. Tomorrow we will be visiting our final destination which is one of the holiest places in the religion of Islam.

Day 9: Today we will be visiting the Dome of the Rock. It is a very large temple with a shiny gold dome on the top. Also there are patters going all the way down the walls. It is considered to be one of the holiest sights for Islam. The Dome of the Rock is not a mosque, but it is a shrine. It is built over a sacred stone. The stone is believed to be the place that Prophet Muhammed ascended to heaven.


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