Crystal Lake by:Kaden.P

A few summers ago my family and friends went to Crystal Lake. When we got to the campsite, we went up to the desk and asked, “Can we rent the pontoon?”The lady at the front desk said, “Yes.” So we raced to the pontoon and we all heaved ourselves through the door.

Then It was just me and my dad. left on the boat and so he tried to jump in but I was faster so I pushed him in. he almost fell on my brother! So then we all swam around for 45 more minutes the we went to get back on we found out that there isn't a ladder so Paul and my mom climbed on and found a rope and pulled the rest of us but the dads.

I said maybe You could get up on that thing over there no never mind its drift wood.He swam over anyway and guess what It was driftwood. and I said I told you so. Wait let's just tow him across the lake with a rope? And he said wait that might work so we fed him rope and then as we are towing him across Bob says lets pore some beer in his mouth? my mom says no what if it gets in his eyes? that would not be good

This is the actual Place we pulled my dad up and we started swimming where the island and the mainland on the left that is where it all started.

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the last one was a screen shot

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