Human Trafficking By: cecilia castro

Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. There would be a lot of people and some people do not speak up because they are afraid of their family that they might get killed and they do not trust anyone because of this topic. I am not being very affected by this topic myself, but i might know someone who is being affected by this yet they wouldn’t tell me because they are afraid. My community is being affected by this issue because people are afraid of tell what is going on their life because the they are being threatened that they will kill their family members.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery, but unlike slavery human trafficking is not legal anywhere in the world. The lack of freedom that those people face is a lot is they do not do what they are told to do they will get punished or get threatened by the people who were trafficking them so would have to do everything they are told to do because they are afraid. The issue is still the same because people are forced to do things they do not want to do it because they have to for they do not have freedom to do what they want to do.

I think that human trafficking will not be existing and the people will not have to go through human trafficking anymore and would not be living in fear. I think this because in the future the technology will be more advanced and we might be able to make robots to do things for us and traveling would not have to be a problem anymore and we would be able to travel freely to the places we want to go.

A person who is vital to try to stop human trafficking is are the people who are being trafficking because if they don’t speak up will never know what is going on and we can not help them out in their life to stop the traffickers and set them free. Two quotes they have said are: “ I am so ashamed to tell you this. Nancy is my daughter. The real reason i went out to the streets was because I wanted to give a different life to my child. When she got halfway through high school life and saw the kind of money i was making, she followed me here. I can’t make her stop.” and “ I have been in this lifestyle since I was 13, and it has been a pretty rough road. Two months ago I was jobless, homeless, everything-less. I didn’t have any hope or any kind of goal for myself. I didn’t care.I was comfortable with the lifestyle I was living, but then i started thinking i was tired. I told myself, I have this little girl, I don’t want the same lifestyle for her.”

Something I could do to stop human trafficking is I could make a job that does not need the person who is applying for the job to have a degree. I could also help them go to college and would not need to pay as much.The human trafficker are doing this because they want money for their own pleasure.


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