Texas Why should we move? i'm glad you asked

Lets begin... Kelsey and Clair pay close attention

Cost of Living

California Rent - ($475 individual)

Texas - 2 bedroom ($690 to 700 total: split $690: $345)

Monthly Savings: $130x12 months= $1,560 yearly savings

I know what you're saying... WOW THAT'S INCREDIBLE, I SAVE MONEY?! But I need more information. You got it girl!

Job Opportunities

Q: Dream job?

A: I guess event planner

Event manager, event planner, event assistant... lots of room for growth and LOTS of opportunity... way more jobs in Texas than fresNO. Check out Indeed.com below for more job details

Now that we got the 'real life' stuff out of the way... what can we even do for fun? Take a look!

Social Life

  • lots of food restaurants and mom and pop shops
  • city life especially at night
  • during the weekend you can drive to different cities and explore all the different things their
  • many mingling places
  • music and concerts
  • PBR and rodeo events
  • RESPECTFUL men/cowboys: boots, butts, trucks, and more (yum)
  • their is a beach down south and surrounding states to visit
  • make new friends... because you can never have to many!

Are you convinced yet?


What about now?

Men everywhere in Texas will look like Scott Eastwood

Questions? I will answer to the best of my ability.

So you have time to save, we can move July/August


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