Journal entries BY AJ

Journal entry 1


Ive chosen the WWF as they are the current leading voice in a topic im quite passionate about; nature and the welfare and treatment of animals.


This diary cover will hopefully bring awareness to a critical factor in earths survival, anyone who understands the imagery and meaning behind such a design will surely be moved and would bring awareness to the foundation. this design will appeal to anyone who has at least minor experience in critical thought (12+).


The purpose of this design is to bring attention to the current problems we face with keeping our morals focused on the not-so famous factors in the survival of our planet.


The design will be used in a diary cover based on the theme of WWF to emphasise what their goal is as a foundation for the worlds wildlife.


The design must be submitted before the end of week 12. also it must be 210 mm x 296 mm (landscape) plus 3 mm bleed with crop marks as the total size front and back. The diary will be spiral bound, must be blank 5mm on either side of the binding area and as always the file must be in cmyk format and 300dpi with the size being no larger than 8mb

Journal entry 2

Idea Generation

I have used color and tone and line in my designs. My design includes bright colors with the images and illustrations I used to make my diary cover more appealing. Tone to add more detail and depth to my drawings and finally I have used a variety of lines to draw the illustrations in my cover.

Concept Refinement

For my draft I was originally going to integrate pokemon into a picturesque scenery but this idea was not very professional as I needed to use images and drawings of my own to my diary cover more well done rather than looking like images were slapped together.

I have experimented with my image on photoshop and tried to make the scenery have a more comic effect but this was not looking very well for the diary cover. I also experimented with digital drawing, I got images of several pokemon and tried to draw them to put them into my diary cover. This was quiet the challenge as I am not proficient with digital drawing mediums.

After much experimenting from keeping the design simple to having the design based around a montage of images, ive settled with my less than average drawing skills to draw the scenery.

The message im trying to send with my design is to show people that their beloved pokemon is right underneath their nose and people need to realise that the preservation of animals means they don’t have to end up like the fictional counterpart; Pokemon.

Created By
Graham AJ


Created with images by jarmoluk - "apple education school"

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