Magellan Born in 1480 in portugal, spain

Dates of exploration

Magellan travelled around the world from 1519-1522.

Purpose for exploration

Magellan had an enormous interest in exploring far away lands. He also wanted to find the Spice Islands.


Magellan and his crew faced wild storms. The ships were scarred from these storms and needed many repairs.


One accomplishment that Magellan and his crew made was that they sailed northwest across the Pacific Ocean for three months and twenty days. They were also the first to travel around the world.

Location found

Magellan discovered the Spice Islands, now known as Maluku. Maluku is part of modern Indonesia.

Route found

On the way to the Spice Islands, he discovered the Strait of Magellan that passes through Chile.

Magellan's character traits

Magellan was a very brave explorer. He survived a very dangerous skirmish. From then on, he limped. Magellan was determined to keep exploring.

Perspective from a Spanish person

"I live in one of the islands in the southwest corner of Spain. One day in 1519, I looked out of my window and saw five ships. I knew that they held 270 men headed west across the Atlantic Ocean. Three years later, I saw one ship come my way returning from the east. This time, 18 men were on the ship. I recognized the name Magellan on the side. I was shocked to imagine what happened to the rest of the men."

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