Trip was in a mood

He wouldn't eat any of his food

He was missing his best friend

She had not been well

Now she was on the mend

Trip had not seen Sand for a while

He wandered to the beach in search of Rhine

Trip found Rhine and told him that he was feeling sad

Rhine did not like watching Trip feel bad

He had to find a way to put a smile on Trip's sad face

Rhine invited Trip to meet his friend Grace

They found Grace sitting in the sun chewing her bone

She was alone

Grace had met Trip once or twice

She liked him, he was nice

Wagging their tails they ran fast

They went to visit Sand, he was wearing a cast

An idea popped into Grace's head

She asked Rhine to find old Fred

An hour later the dogs got together

Trip was smiling now and looked much better

So I took a photo of them all

And they're smiling now and having a ball!

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