HIST1272C - History of Modern France CONCLUSION 4/28/2017

I. Final Thoughts

In this video, French - Algerian journalist, Mouloud Achour asks Fatou Diome if she is afraid of Marine Le Penne. Diome responds, that she is not and that it is Marine Le Pen who is afraid of her! Fatou Diome is a Senegalese writer, known for her bestselling novel The Belly of the Atlantic, published in 2001. Her work explores immigrant life in France, and the relationship between France and Africa. Currently, she lives in France and is very outspoken about the migrant crises in the country.

Translation: No I’m not afraid of her. You know, rejection is always afraid of love. When I was a girl, I came to France with love, so nothing, no hatred, no rejection will make me reject France. And that, when you say that, you make sectarians [intolerants] afraid. When you say that, you make the populists afraid. Because when I say that, I stand with the European Enlightenment. When I say that, I’m really saying: your dark ideas cannot bury Montesquieu. Your dark ideas will not quiet Marianne [the republic]. Your dark ideas do not stop this republic, which put Marie-Antoinette in a hole and Victor Hugo in the Pantheon [site where the republic puts distinguished dead citizens]. There are reasons for that, so when you take the side of love you will always make haters afraid. And love is stronger than hate. And culture [culture/society/history] is always stronger than ignorance. I believe in an enlightened France that will always fight for its values. And it’s because of its values and the fight that I respect France. And I call on France to prove to me that everything France taught me is absolutely truthful. I call on France to show me that it lives up to its enlightened, humanistic history. I want France to prove to me that it is the birthplace of Louise Michel [feminist/anarchist in Paris Commune], to Clemenceau [WWI leader], to Jaurès [pre-WWI socialist leader]. I want the France of Victor Hugo to tell me that today’s rejection of misérables is not explained by racism. That the freedom won in the war, that liberty was not only for Marianne’s white children, that liberty was for all the children of Marianne and all those who died at the front to defend her, to pass her [values] on to their children. I am one of those children. So the sectarians, they’re afraid of me, because I will always claim them as my brothers and sisters.

II. Final Review

The final will consist of: Identifications - you must answer 5 (25 pts. total), one (1) essay worth 25 pts. and one (1) essay worth 50 pts.

Possible ID's: Diderot, Existentialism, Burkini, Olympe de Gouges, J’accuse, Lumieres, Calas Affair, February Days, Guizot Laws, Girondins, Alphonse Lamartine, The Dreyfus Affair, Treaty of Frankfurt, Tirailleurs, The Great Fear, Toussaint L'ouverture, Orientalism, Edict of Fontainbleau, Jacobins, Peugot, Semaine Sanglante, Belle Epoque, Sétif Massacre, Arab Movement.

Possible Essay Themes: Historical Memory, Globalization, Saint Domingue Revolution, The French Worker, The Enlightenment, Religion, Anti-Semetism, Women, French Imperialism, Industrialization, Popular Culture.

III Final Words

The exam will take place on May 15th at 2pm. Final Papers are also due on May 15th, by 2pm on Canvas. If you have any questions, you can email me - sherri_cummings@brown.edu. It has been a pleasure being your TA this semester. I wish you all best wishes as you go out and spread your awesomeness in the world! Until next semester ...


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