“Abraham’s Ultimate Sacrifice” Pastor Owen Alford

"Abraham's Ultimate Sacrifice"

Pastor Owen Alford

Gen 22:1-22 04/09/17

"Do you observe also that Isaac carried the wood!—a true picture of Jesus carrying his cross. It was not every malefactor who had to bear the tree which was afterwards to bear him, but, in our Lord’s case, and by an excess of cruelty, wicked men made him carry his cross. With a felicity of exactness to the prophetic type, God had so ordered it, that just as Isaac bore the wood up to the altar, so Christ should carry his cross up to the place of doom." ~ cHARLES SPURGEON
"If the Messiah is anywhere symbolised in the Old Testament, he is certainly to be seen upon Mount Moriah, where the beloved Isaac, willingly bound and laid upon the altar, is a lively foreshadowing of the Well Beloved of heaven yielding his life as a ransom. We do not doubt that one great intent of the whole transaction was to afford Abraham a clearer view of Christ’s day; the trial was secretly a great privilege, unveiling as it did, to the patriarch, the heart of the great Father, in his great deed of love to men, and displaying at the same time, the willing obedience of the great Son, who cheerfully became a burnt offering to God. The gospel of Moriah, which is only another name for Calvary, was far clearer than the revelation made at the gate of Paradise, or to Noah in the ark, or to Abraham himself on any former occasion. Let us pray for a share in the privilege of the renowned friend of God, as we study redemption in the light which made Abraham glad." ~ cHARLES SPURGEON

Old Testament Survey Volume I & II

By W.R. Downing

This survey of the Bible is meant to be both introductory and explanatory. It is intended to be studied in conjunction with a study of the English Bible, with this Survey as companion volumes. An attempt has been made to make this Survey suitable for both the seminary student and the average reader. May both the student and the reader learn and hopefully be challenged to progress in their knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the use of suitable study tools and even some use of the original languages.

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