Top 10 Portfolio By: Ian Halle

30 Day Challenge

This was meaningful because it gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity in different and unique ways. One of my favorite parts of the 30 day challenge was picking one specific task to do for ten days, which i picked to make up a word and definition everyday. This helped me channel my creative skills and use them to create the twenty plausible dictionary words. I did twenty because i decided to do this for the second and third set of ten days. This is important to my future as an innovator because it taught me not to give up even when my mind could not mentally form a new word that didn't sound like a real word already, as well as to keep going even though I have done it so many other times.

Example of some words:

1. Mordue (N)- Like a morgue but for living people to relax in little cubbies. Ex: My parents were very stressed from work so they went to the mordue.

2. Buckery (A)- a mix of matte and polka dots. Ex: We needed something new for the living room, so we got a buckery coffee table.

3. Starrify (V)- To make something as bright as a star (theoretically). Ex: I really need to starrify my teeth, they are getting a little dirty.

4. Trimtin (N)- a haircut that is even shorter than a trim. Ex: My hair is only a quarter inch too long, all I need is a trimtin.

Inside-Out Abstract thought clip

This was meaningful because it taught me one of out creative thinking skills with a movie that I actually really enjoyed when I watched on my own time previously. I like to learn not just from lectures but also from seeing things play out in context. This video is important to my future as an innovator because I will always remember abstracting in my creative process and I will imagine Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong slowly deconstructing into the four stages of abstract thought.

Favorite Animal Abstracting

Abstracting my favorite animal, which you can see in the background, was meaningful because I didn't know how I would be able to pull off the task but it actually ended up pretty nice. It was a lot of fun to learn abstracting by going through the steps myself and doing it on paper. This is important for my future as an innovator because I will have to use abstracting in my creative process and I will know how because of my silly drawings.

3D Prototype

The 3D prototype was important because I saw my own creativity go into a piece of work and actually become a real life object. I was very proud of the outcome and wish I was able to make the second series of my puzzle. It's important for my future as a UF innovator because I now know how to operate Adobe InDesign and Rhino and create an actual 3D model of something. I also learned how to believe in myself when things go wrong. My group hit a lot of rough spots but we were still able to create our final product, which I believe came out even better then expected.

Post-It Tessellation

The tessellation was one of my favorite things because I have actually created a post-it tessellation before and it was just as fun this time as it was in the past. This is important for my future as a UF innovator because it help me recognize patterns and how to create patterns of my own. My shape was very complex but still, my page ended up filled with the spiked figure and it ended up looking pretty good. I wish I could have colored it, but I don't own any color pencils and I didn't get to finish it in class. It ended up being a face with its mouth open, as you can see below.

Creative Person Resume

I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment because it helped me imagine what my future resume might look like. I am huge fan of Stan Lee, and this gave me the opportunity to do even more research on him. Every comic he has written is a masterpiece, and even though he doesn't write comics anymore, he is still even more famous than he was during his prime. This is important to my future as an innovator because it taught me to imagine how my creative achievements might look like on paper when I apply to my final career after I graduate from UF. Stan Lee is an incredible creative person, and I strive to be just as creative as him some day.

"Where I'm From" Poem

I am a huge patriot of my argentine culture, so writing this poem was very entertaining for me. I packed my poem with information of my home land and am very proud of the final outcome. This was important to me because it helped my identify myself and the country I am from. It was a lot of fun completing this in class and I actually continued it after class back in my dorm. Below you will find the final product.

I am from pens, from the longest road and the widest river, and from soccer, boxing, and field hockey. I am from the south, from the obelisk and the glaciers, and from beef and soda. I am from Germany and Poland, from Palermo, and from the light blue and white.

Outside Pattern Photos

I was very surprised to actually find something that matched the original picture I took. When I got back to my dorm from class i thought to myself "nothing in nature looks like that". But, I was lucky enough to find a small leaf that almost perfectly modeled the original picture. This assignment is important to my future as a UF innovator because it helped me realize that giving up is never the right way to go. I was pushed to keep trying and in the end i prospered and completed the assignment in the best way I could.

Observing Outside

I decided to observe the bike pump station that was right outside the classroom. I really enjoyed this assignment because for the first time I actually took the time to stare at that thing and learn so many thing about it. I found who created it, how much air pressure it could hold, how many different tools it had, and i even learned how to use it properly. This is important for my future as an innovator because it taught me how to completely and accurately observe something. It also taught me that just my looking at something, you can learn so many things from it.

Jonah Lehrer on the Colbert Report

This video was one of my favorites because as I was watching i was learning how important it is to be creative and unique in my every day life. Then when I found out that the book was banned because of plagiarism, I was completely shocked. It was meaningful to see how you learn something new everyday and how to be creative when realizing it. This will help me in my future as a UF innovator because not only will I remember how scary plagiarism can be, but i can actually learn about creativity from what Mr. Lehrer meant to teach his readers.

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Ian Halle


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