Early Inventions Joe Ugenti

James Hargreaves

He created and perfected the spinning spinning Jenny in 1768 that allowed spinners to produce yarn in greater quantities.

Edmund Cartwright

He created a loom powered by water that could weave cloth fast enough to catch up with the spinning yarn.

James Watt

He was an engineer from Scotland that build a steam powered engine which could take out water three times as much from mines. This made coal mining much more efficient. He also created a rotary engine that could drive other machinery. This technology could now be used to spin and weave cotton!

Henry Cort

He introduced puddling. Puddling is when you get coke from coal and use it to burn away all the impurities in pig iron. This majorly increased the production of iron

Richard Trevithick

He made the first steam powered locomotive that could carry ten tons of ore and up to 75 people going at speeds of 5 miles per hour!

George Stephenson and his son

With the help of his son, George Stephenson created the rocket. The first public locomotive that went up to speeds of 16 miles an hour.

The joint-stock investment bank

It was a bank created by selling shares of stock to investors. Such banks potentially have access to much more capital than private banks owned by one or a few individuals

Thomas Edison

He is famously known for his invention of the lightbulb that revolutionized our society.

Briton Joseph

He helped to spread the use of the lightbulb in homes buildings public places like parks streets and more. By the 1880s electricity was everywhere.

Alexander Graham Bell

He invented the telephone making it much easier to converse to friends and family who live far distances.

Guglielmo Marconi

He sent radio waves to Europe in 1901. This allowed us to talk to countries far away using Morris code.

Henry Ford

He created the mass assembly line which made the creation of his Model T. Cars rise to 750,000 per year!


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