Shrimp live on the bottom of the ocean, deep or near the coast.

They usually will take refuge in between coral or with another animal in a mutual relationship.

Shrimp are very easy to distinguish from other marine crustaceans because of their size, shape, and coloring.

They are divided into two parts: The head and the thorax and is protected by a hard shell called carapace.

Shrimp have a sharp beak called the rostrum, which help it fight off predators.

The rostrum also helps the shrimp stabilize itself when swimming.


Shrimp are bottom feeders, meaning that they sift through the sediment on the ocean floor to look for food.

They will eat both plants and other animals, but most of their diet is comprised of algae and plankton.


Shrimp have a nervous system, just like us. They also have antennae, claws, feet, a heart, a stomach, eyes, and mandibles. They are fairly complex organisms.

A female can lay up to a million eggs in one session.

The newborn shrimp drift off and merge with the surrounding plankton to blend in to survive.

Baby shrimp

Nearly 28% of freshwater shrimp are endangered. Over fishing is a big factor in their possible extinction. Man is their biggest threat due to drilling, oil spills, and destruction of habitat.

Shrimp are part of many animal's diets including our own. Many species rely on the supply of shrimp to remain stable, but this may change in the future due to man made reasons.

Shrimp can survive in both salt and freshwater. They can also survive in depths of up to 16,000 ft.

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