Why a Chartered Accountant?

Five reasons how using a Chartered Accountant will benefit you.

The ICAEW explains:

1. A Chartered Accountant will have studied for three years with an organisation that is authorised by the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales).

2. Will have passed rigorous exams in financial management, reporting, auditing, business analysis and strategy and taxation.

3. They will be able to communicate, have business awareness and professional judgement.

4. They will maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

5. Their knowledge and skills are kept up to date with a demanding scheme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). They also have professional indemnity insurance.

Advice you get from a firm of Chartered Accountants is professional advice. Don’t assume because you go to someone calling themselves an ‘accountant’ that you will be getting the best advice, or even the best value.

Here at Glover Stanbury, we ensure that we are giving you the best possible advice, based on our professional training, knowledge, experience and ethical standards.

Visit www.gloverstanbury.co.uk to request a free meeting and make a comparison

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