Medieval Times Europe by: Abbey byrns

Many people assume that the Medieval time period is just about castles, knights, and jousting, when in all actuality there is way more to it.

Medieval times, also known as the Middle Ages took place in Europe right after the fall of the Roman Empire. During the beginning of this time period civilization fell apart. Many people were terrified of the barbarians that took over towns and villages, so they moved to remote farms in the rural countryside. Towards the middle of the time period civilization started to regroup and with it a whole new social class was created,towns were rebuilt from the destruction of the barbarians, and a major religious revival occurred.

This is a map of Medieval Europe.

The social system during Medieval times is pretty easy to explain. The king owned all the land in a country. He gave areas of land to rich lords and nobles. These lands were called fifes. In return the lords and nobles supplyed the king with soldiers and horses for his army. Lords and nobles gave land to the knights in return for their service in the kings army. The peasants worked on the land for the knights, lords and nobles. The knights protected the peasants. This system was called feudalism.

This diagram explains how the social system worked during the Medieval Times.

Towns and villages were left destroyed by the barbarians when the people returned to them. They had to rebuild everything from scratch. In the very beginning of this reconstruction the castles and towns were very small and not very extravagant, but as the years went on the economy grew and bigger and better buildings was a sign of wealth and power. This is where the Gothic building style came from.

The first picture is a picture of your typical Medieval village shack where the peasants lived. The second picture is of a Gothic styled cathedral built during late Medieval Times. The third picture is a picture of an early day Medieval times village.

"The Medieval church believed that the reconstruction of Christ marked a new time from all humanity." During this time period a religious revival occurred. Many of the people in Medieval towns and villages were converted to Christianity. Many intricate cathedrals were built in the towns and villages. Cathedrals were also a sign of power, so the bigger and the fancier buildings showed off the wealth and power of the lords and nobles that ran the towns.

The first picture depicted is a grand cathedral built during Medieval Times. The cross stands for Christianity.

The Medieval time period was born from the fall of the Roman Empire. Civilization was on a decline and things were not going so well. This was known as the "Dark Ages". Things were not always so bad. Towards the end of Medieval times there was an economic revival that basically destroyed the concept of feudalism by creating a middle class. This led to the decline in lords, nobles, and castles and led into the famous Renaissance era.

The first photo is of the Colosseum and it represents the Roman Empire. The second photo is a statue from the renaissance period (which is famous for its art).

Medieval Times Europe had many different elements that made the time period what it is today. It introduced history to a new type of social class, new life and building styles, a strong religion and faith system, and major events that changed the course of not only European history, but all history. Medieval times is relevant to all societies today because it teaches us what to do differently and how we have evolved from the ancient society.

This is a painting from the Medieval Time period showing a town and its people.

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