drako savgae a.k.a Elijah Carriger

i love dancing it makes me happy

I am elijah carriger i am black bold and courageous

Other people think i'm strong smart and a leader.

I am rough on the outside but on the inside i am soft fragile and have a weak spot for women.I love all kinds of music like rap trap music and anything.I pretend to be tough quick to fight back like i've never got my heart broken but it's a cover up.Not being fake but almost like a blanket of feelings.i want to be a cop a model for the young men to look up and no that im not perfect but to let them know that i am still human and i would tell them i went through the same thing.i am both i could be one person but i am also two;i have one but i also have that ima ride and shoot kinda feeling or faze but i am also a leader and my parents tell me i am but they're waiting for me to grow up and be the loving kid they once knew.i have a lot of inspirations like movies and their mostly one discovery channel or on and war movie.i strive to be the best but the first thing i have to do is let go of the stuff that's getting me in trouble god sez let little things go every day its not hard but it is frustrating but it will get u closer to getting my life right.my friends presive me to be that funny goofy lil brother type personalities goofy all the time.when im by myself i like to write poetry and stuff i also like to play video games.My style is more of a you know what idek wht my style is but i have one


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