Kevin Roerty's SOCA Newsletter Winter 2019 "Would to God you could bear with some little of my folly: but do bear with me. For I am jealous of you with the jealousy of God..." 2 Cor 11: 1-2

Apostle Stories

Kevin's update: The last quarter has been full of blessings and graces--but also crosses and challenges. I have been on multiple trips for speaking, recruitment, and networking. Our ministry in Denver and at Auraria is blossoming in multiple souls who are living our daily rule of meditation, rosary, and spiritual reading. It is amazing to see the prospects of SOCA's impact in a number of years once we grow! We now have a full-time Vice President, prospective missionaries, and, after a personal appointment with Archbishop Aquila, we received his endorsement!

Thank you all for your support! You are truly a part of this mission by it. Truly, may God reward you!! With HIs Grace, souls will be sanctified by our mission!

  1. One young man texted me: "Kevin, just wanted to say that you're a G. Thanks for following God and setting the bar"
  2. Our membership-initiation takes 6 months. We are currently right in the middle of it. When speaking with guys, I can tell they are maturing greatly: they have been through dry spells but are persevering. It has not been easy. One young man struggled mightily with faith, but still repeatedly thanked me for my efforts to be available and help--and I feel as though I have not done nearly enough!
  3. We had a 1st year anniversary party for SOCA. This was the introduction of SOCA membership to a large audience. One of the first members came with his fiance who then inquired about SOCA. Now she is spear-heading the first ladies' SOCA branch here in Denver!
  4. We had 70 people come to our event "Tradere" downtown at the Knights of Columbus Hall. On my way there, I had the idea approaching the manager of this event about joining SOCA as a missionary. After the event, he approached me about the same thing! He is now our Vice President, Benjamin Hoyer!
  5. Another young man texted: "Thank you for introducing me to the Latin Mass. My life has been changed because of it."
  6. I have given many talks in the last few months, and I cannot recall how many times people have approached me afterward with exuberant joy about "someone so young with so much zeal" and "this is so important for the Church!" Truly humbling and only through the grace of God...
  7. Another sign of God's providence: one of the priests who originally invited me to found SOCA in Denver offered to connect us with the Archbishop. I hear this is usually quite difficult, but a short email introduction led to a 30-minute meeting within a month--followed by a personal endorsement of SOCA from the Archbishop himself!
  8. There are always countless stories, but please pray for the conversions especially of MP, AD, and RP. Also, please pray for the salvation of the soul of Alana Chen and her family/friends. She was 24 and a friend I went on a mission trip with in 2014 and was recently found dead near Boulder. It may have been a suicide.

Progress and Goals

  • 25+ SOCA members (those who do the SOCA rule of life)
  • Membership formation plan (daily meditation, rosary, and spiritual reading; ongoing stages of doctrine and Catholic culture)
  • Archbishop Aquila's endorsement
  • Hired Vice President: Benjamin Hoyer (MA) (man on the right)
  • Additional SOCA Chaplain: Fr. Daniel Nolan (FSSP)
  • Spoke to over 300 youths; over 10,000 online views now
  • 130+ attendees across events
  • Monthly Oratory evening at a pastor's rectory
  • Planned official SOCA presentation at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • 1 year anniversary celebration with members
  • Right now: Denver Women's branch
  • Upcoming: 10+ members
  • Upcoming: SOCA Formation App
  • Upcoming: Retreats for members and mission partners
  • Upcoming: Spring/Summer Gala

Some have asked that I share challenges and needs. I would say the biggest challenge is the internal conflict between 1) wanting to devout as more time to the ministry, and 2) responsibly managing SOCA. Coordinating events, website, planning trips, books, admin, recruitment... "2" is certainly a necessity in order for SOCA's long-term ministry to multiply. On a concrete level, the challenge is establishing a firm financial foundation upon which we can devout our time to the ministry and hire help to delegate much of the administration. Please pray I may find the right balance with this all!


Meeting Cardinal Burke, running Tradere, meals with young adults, tabling at the campus, 1st year celebration... and we have some fun too ;)