South africa apartheid sidney ellis

Apartheid is a racist political policy that segregated whites and non whites in south africa,the palestines can relate to the south africans because they weere kicked out of their land by israel and over time lost most of their land to israel and were left with a small amount of land (doc 1)
white people was given privileges while black people was not given a good education they only had 1 teacher for 60 students,and their wasn't enough doctors for them which led to them getting sick and even dying.they were divided and were not allowed top enter into other places that had the (white only)sign.(doc 2)
the apartheid rule killed many black people in the 1960 because they were protesting for their freedom for example in the Sharpville massacre 180 people were wounded and 69 was killed.Nelson Mandela inspired many others to protest and fight for their rights (doc 4)
south Africa and the u.s have a few similarities. Even though the u.s is a free country black people are still suffering.we have fought many years for our freedom for example the "the civil rights act of 1964,man leaders influence other black people to fight for their rights like martin Luther king,Malcolm x,Andrew Goodman and black lives matter . South Africa wont be at peace until all references toward race is removed from the system.(doc8)(doc6)
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Created with images by Celso Flores - "South Africa Fans Celebration at Soccer City"

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