Red Dog A REVIEW about a sad yet heartwarming story

Hope, community and love are all key elements weaving through the seams of Red Dog, this Australian film is soon to become an Aussie classic that will entertain young and old for generations to come.

The story of Red Dog takes place in Dampier, a coal mining town in Western Australia, where a pub owner tells a traveling truck driver the story of Red Dog, 'A dog for everyone, but no one in particular', other bar patrons join in the conversation telling their stories of how Red Dog improved their lives and sense of community.

One of the most notably amazing characters came credit of Josh Lucas. His portrayal of of John as a carefree bus driver not tied to anyone is phenomenal. His love interest Nancy, played by Rachael Taylor, is remarkably able to hold her own and stand out as the only female in the main cast, which is no easy feat. Overall the portrayal of all the characters present throughout the film is done amazingly.

The only obvious flaw in the film is exaggeration of Australian stereotypes. Most of the characters are tough gritty Aussie bokes with hard exteriors and softer interiors, however they begin to blend together. These character could have been developed throughout the film however they remained aa they were, slightly disappointing.

Overall, Red Dog is a beautiful movie about a classic Australian tale with lovely cinematography, decent characters and an engaging plot. It is most definitely worth a watch, take care though, this is an emotional film.

4/5 stars

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