Why People Lie Better understanding of lying

Although teens may believe that lying is not bad, in fact, the novel Nothing But the Truth by AVI helps teens better understand why people lie through multiple lenses in today's world. People lie for a variety of reasons. Some being personal benefits, to get out of trouble, or to avoid things. Lying comes with negative benefits both to some ones personality and their body. It also creates effects your brain

"Severe punishment, particularly physical - a child has little to lose by lying. He might just avoid punishment this time and, if he fails to, then he's no worse off than if he had owned up. This child works at becoming more and more skilled as he finds out what works and what doesn't. Fear is a strong motivator."

"Over time the liars were more likely to believe that their exaggerated performance was an accurate reflection of their abilities. Getting confirmation, in this case in the form of certificates, can help make it easier to think of a lie as true. “Believing our lives is an incredibly important human capacity,” Ariely says. “Without it, we risk living in terrible conflict all the time.”"

"And that can be awfully draining. "It takes a lot of negative physical and mental energy to maintain a lie," Stroh says. "We have to think before we answer and we have to plan what we say and do, rather than saying and doing what comes more naturally. We waste a lot of precious time covering our tracks rather than spending that time in positive ways, doing good things.""

"Amygdala—the hub of emotional processing and arousal—changed. the less activated the amygdala was on the fMRI. That may be because lying triggers emotional arousal and activates the amygdala, but with each additional lie, the arousal and conflict of telling an untruth diminishes, making it easier to lie."

In conclusion, lying should be avoided no matter the consequences of the truth. One lie portrays someone as a liar forever. The brain becomes addicted to lying and uses it more frequently. Being honest is a great trait.

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