The Evans Family Allison evans

This is Me - Allison Evans. I am the youngest of 6 kids in my family, and I have a twin sister. I am the Emergency Management Coordinator at the regional medical center in my city. My husband and I have 4 wonderful kiddos, and we enjoy play sports, gardening, crafting (welllll...I enjoy crafting), and spending time with our families. AND we are Big Royals Baseball fans.
This is my husband Christopher and I. We met through mutual friends and really hit it off. At the time, we both had 2 year old daughters from previous relationships and as it turned out, they were born 9 days apart from each other. Now our girls like to pretend that they are twins at school. Together we have 3 girls (Lily 8, Kenna 8, and Emilia 5) and 1 boy (Xander 7). The pictures on the top were taken on our honeymoon in Colorado; if you haven't been to the Colorado Mountains, I suggest it - its absolutely beautiful! The Pictures on the bottom are from a family vacation to Branson Missouri. If you have young kiddos, Branson is for you!

This is my Lily Bug - She is so fun, spunky, and silly! She likes to 'mother-hen' her siblings. She is very smart and loving, and loves to help tutor the other kids in her class. My family is always telling her how much she is like her Momma.

This is Kenna - She is one of the strongest kids I know. She was diagnosed a couple years ago with a very rare autoimmune disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis that attaches her bones, joints, skin, and muscles. She has gone through chemo, weekly shots, bone infusions, and was in a wheelchair for awhile - but she's a fighter - and now she is in remission :)

Up next is Xander-Man! He is all boy thru and thru. He loves to play baseball and basketball . . and of course video games. He has a big heart and is a Momma's Boy.

Last, but not least, this is Emilia . . the baby of the family. She has a TON of personality! She has learned from her siblings for sure - and has picked up some of their personality traits, as well as some quirky ones of her own! She has grown up way too fast!

Why yes, those are vampire teeth :)

Just a lovely fall day

My 4 angels

First Day of School

This was a random act of kindness. She had NO idea a picture was being taken and he smiled when he realized.

Girl time with their cousin Amiah . . who is ALSO 8!

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