Ancient Africa BY sasha everson

  • Ghana is located West of Africa
  • Ghana's physical features include coastlines,streams,low hills,rivers, lakes plenty of gold of salt
  • grew rich from trade of gold and salt
  • Ghana's religion consist of a mixture of supernatural and spiritual powers ,practiced ancestors veneration by sacrificing resources etc.
  • Ghana to Arabia (Muslim area) trade,trade beads,and little pieces of gold
  • silent barter trade was really imperative because it kept trade peaceful and Ghana also had gold and salt,known for the Saharan Trade route
  • Ghana means warrior king by the soninke people.Ghana isn't related geographically,culturally modern Ghana Diverse geography wise
  • Ghana's cultures are art, Griot ,Islam,(jobs)farming,traders,artisans,warriors,slaves
  • Ghana Now democratic presidential Representative,diverse wild life ,president is the head of the state
  • Mali's climate is hot and dry
  • rugged hills with elevations,mostly savanna
  • Islam, Mansa Musa introduced Islam into Africa
  • people became enslaved if the were captive of war, debt,or just born into slavery,slaves had a variety of jobs,some slaves were treated differently depending on their region.
  • Gold trade routes,traded gold through the Sahara desert,traders would travel in caravans
  • Mansa muso
  • established in 1235 CE,formed by Sundiata Keita united tribes
  • spoke similar languages, divided into the caste system,most respected was the farmers,Islam was a huge belief but they didn't force people to convert
  • they have a president now and are part of the ten poorest nations of the world
  • Songhai is hot and wet
  • May-October hot and dry through November-April ,hard to farm
  • Islam
  • People were enslaved because they were captive of war,debt,born into slavery
  • 1464 started,Askia Muhammad became leader ,devoted Islamism West African belief and religion of Islam ,traditional and local customs
  • considered one of Africa's greatest empires,several cultures,children wear rags and have one -two outfits a year
  • West African and Islam cultures mixed law of the land was based on Islam
  • Aksum is located on the Southern coast of the Red Sea,Arabian Peninsula.
  • Christianity is the main religion
  • people were enslaved because of be captive of war ,debt.or born into it
  • Merchants would travel from central Africa, Persia, India, and Egypt bringing their goods to Aksum to trade. Aksum had access to several different trade routes including major waterways such as the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Nile River.
  • Merchants traveled long ways to give goods to trade,the major port city was Adulis by the Red Sea. Adulis had a variety to offer to other empires such as salt,gold,ivory,gems,cloth,glass,and olive oil
  • blend of many cultures,Greek was the language spoke because that was the international language of trade.
  • The city of Axum stills exist in Northern Ethopia
  • monarch,no more found info

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