top 10 lessons nina cameron

Start Saving Early

This lesson was important to me because it encouraged me to start thinking about the future and what I will need to be able to support myself. Because of this lesson, I am going to set up my own savings account when I turn 18 and try to make regular deposits.

Always pay as much of the Credit Card bill as you can

This lesson basically gave me an early reality check about debt and what happens if you don't pay your bills on time. It is important to know because I don't ever want to be in debt or any type of financial trouble.

Budget wisely!

Budgeting is super important because I don't want to end up in a situation where I pay too much thinking I can afford it but in reality I can't. This lesson taught me that once I start earning an income, I should become more cautious with my spending and not just blow all my money on random things.

Come up with Goals

Coming up with goals is important to do to me because with out them, I wouldn't get anything done. I thought goals were more of a life or school type thing but having financial goals is just as important. The lesson pushed me to come up with goals like to save my money up for a new TV by the end of the year.

Have an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund has always been in the back of my mind categorized as important but not necessary yet. Thanks to what you've taught me, I realized an emergency fund is good to have any point in time, whether it's for injuries, car accidents, or simply if I've run out of money. I have already started putting money aside for my emergency fund!

Think before you buy

I used to never think about whether I needed something or whether it was worth the money before I bought something. Now, I always think before I buy something even if it's just a burger from Wendy's.

Choose the right Checking account for you

This lesson is important because it taught me not to just choose any checking account, but the one that works best for me. It also taught me to do some research on what the fees are, and how much interest I earn, and to make sure that I'll be able to keep up with everything that comes with the card.

Invest Carefully

This lesson was important because before it I didn't even know what it meant to invest. Now I know that investing is important for retirement and your bank account! Hopefully when I'm older and more financially experienced, I'll invest and be grateful that I know the basics to it.

Choose the right Credit Card for you

Choosing the right credit card is very important to me because I don't want to end up picking one that has cool rewards, but crappy rules/ guidelines/ fees that I have to stick to.

Don't withhold too much or too little when filling out W4 forms

This is important because I didn't even know how to fill a W4 form out before the lesson. Now I do and now I also know that withholding too much can be bad because it will lower my net pay, but holding too little can be bad because I might get too much and spend it unwisely just because I can.


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