Nature Life Activity by Jasmine Harper

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Exhibit was the most appealing exhibit that I experienced. It was very fascinating to see how the butterflies interacted with one another as well as other animals as I did not know this was possible. You always see animals on TV coexisting with each other, but its different seeing it with your naked eye- I was very surprised to see birds inside the exhibit! The butterflies were very friendly and one even latched on to my umbrella (HE WAS HUGE)! The most enjoyable part of the exhibit was the atmosphere. Although it was slightly drizzling, it set the mood for the exhibit for me. I could not fathom seeing the exhibit any other way. The Butterfly Exhibit is more than likely very beautiful and light when viewing on a sunny and blue sky day. However, seeing the butterflies in an environment of peacefulness when its raining was very heart-warming.

Nature & Ethics

The exhibit as a whole helped me to experience different times/ ways through life, and through this I appreciated it all and not a specific segment! I learned of the Indigenous women, life under the sea, and even the prehistoric life before any of us were born. It was all very humbling [as I went alone] and saw every aspect of the museum. I expected to come into the museum seeing a few statues and posters on the wall of a few facts accompanied by the butterfly exhibit. However, I was completely surprised to experience something differently than I expected. Many of the families and visitors in the museum were shocked as well for the museum to be so large and fact-filled. There were various tunnels and segments dedicated to different topics. I was able to really take my time and read the informational cards and experience the history. It was a surreal experience and made me just want to learn and experience more within that time culture and time frame. Although I felt more connected with history and nature, it didn't inspire me to be more caring and "ethic-concerned" about our world.

Nature & the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum challenges people to preserve the life we have today, as we have preserved the life of those before us. It is up to us to have the moral obligation to make our world a say and stable place for many years to come. We must not be stuck in the material values of the world and experience true history and life. The museum gives a look into our origin and gives a chance to enhance where we all have come from- not to just understand. We cannot throw away parts of our earth and our ancestors without needing them/ it in the future. Therefore, visiting the Natural History Museum gives a chance to appreciate the history prior to our existence, before we become the history viewed by others.

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