Systemwide Technology Access Collaborative A Project Supporting the California community Colleges

Next Ordering Window is April 1 - May 31, 2021

What is STAC?

STAC is a pioneering effort intended to support for California Community Colleges (CCC) by centralizing the ordering and acquisition of online education tools and resources.

STAC is intended to result in greater cost savings for the CCCs through our economies of scale.

STAC is a collaborative endeavor between three systemwide agencies:

  • California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (link)
  • CollegeBuys - Foundation for California Community Colleges (link)
  • California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative (link)

STAC Supplier Partners

  • EesySoft - Edtech adoption solution
  • Namecoach - Name pronunciation and virtual commencement
  • NetTutor by LinkSystems - Online Tutoring
  • Proctorio - Online proctoring
  • Pronto by Hitlabs - Student communication and engagement platform
  • Urkund by Ouriginal - Plagiarism detection and student integrity services
  • We are currently vetting potential new partners. Please stand by for vendor updates.

Fall 2020 Success

A total of 63 colleges participated this past Fall and the CCC system saved over $1.5M. More than 450,000 students benefitted from STAC services.

If there are any questions regarding your previous STAC order, please contact Ryan Rivera - rrivera@foundationccc.org.

Purpose of STAC

  1. EFFICIENCY by centralizing the procurement of essential online education tools, colleges don't need to individually negotiate with vendors any longer.
  2. COST SAVINGS through the aggregation of the system's economies of scale. When we combine our spend potential, we have leverage in obtaining deeper discounts and favorable terms.
  3. INSTITUTIONAL PARITY in pricing and service delivery regardless of purchase volume or institutional size. This makes sure that smaller colleges aren't paying more than larger colleges, while also allowing large colleges to access deeper discounts through aggregated STAC-negotiated pricing.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY in vetting and approval of supplier partners by system partners. Most STAC partners have been used by the CCCs, having performed in the CVC environment.
  5. COMPLIANCE with state law in acquiring products and services through STAC. Contracts used to negotiate pricing have been secured by CollegeBuys and are compliant with California Public Contract Code.

Mechanics of STAC

Eligibility and Participation

  • Eligibility: All California Community Colleges may participate in STAC. Participation is non-mandatory.
  • Participation: Community colleges that submit the completed STAC Order Form (Link to be Updated) no later than May 31, 2021 is considered a participating institution.
  • Form Submission: Please submit the STAC Order Form (Link to be Updated) to collegebuys@foundationccc.org.
  • Questions: Contact CollegeBuys at collegebuys@foundationccc.org.

Mechanics of STAC

The Order Form

Pricing on the STAC Order Form (Link to be Updated) is a not-to-exceed amount, which means a participating college will not pay more than what is indicated on the Order Form.

If an existing contract is already in place with one of the below vendors, we will assist in the negotiations of a prorated price and align service terms to cover the remaining months of FY22.

No Cost (Free) Services

We have yet to receive confirmation on the extension of these services for FY22.

  • Ally by Blackboard (CMS content accessibility) - no cost to CCCs through June 30, 2021.
  • Laster (virtual labs) - no cost to CCCs through June 30, 2021.
  • Zoom (video and voice communication) - no cost to CCCs through June 30, 2021 (likely longer)
  • For more information: Contact CVC support@cvc.edu

Subsidized Service(s), and Ordering Beyond Allocations

NetTutor (online tutoring)

  • All colleges will receive an allocation of NetTutor hours from the CVC. When completing the Order Form, colleges should only enter the anticipated number of NetTutor hours in excess of allocations. To obtain allocation information, please contact CVC: support@cvc.edu

FTES Based, for Anticipated Usage

Proctorio and Urkund services can be procured based on anticipated usage. Only procure for the amount of FTES that are expected to use these services.

Proctorio (online proctoring)

  • Non-STAC contract pricing is $15.00 per FTES.

Urkund (student integrity, plagiarism detection tool)

  • 18-month pricing is $1.25 per FTES. This includes an introductory, no-cost 6-months free service. Minimum license total is $1,500.

Full FTES Coverage Required

Full time equivalent student (not unduplicated). ConexED and Pronto services must be procured based on entire FTES. FTES should be calculated on Datamart.

ConexED (online advising/counseling, scheduling)

  • Non-STAC contract pricing is $5.50 per FTES for 12-months.

Pronto (student communication and engagement platform)

  • Non-STAC contract pricing is $2.25 per FTES.

Specialized Services

  • EesySoft (edtech adoption platform) - pricing for EesySoft is based on active users, starting as low as $9,600 for 999 users or less with one-time set-up and training.
  • NameCoach (name pronunciation and virtual commencement) - Name pronunciation tool is $5,000 per college. Virtual commencement is $2,000 for up to 1,500 students (+$1.00 for each additional student).

Mechanics of STAC

Post Submission of STAC Order Form

Pricing, Invoicing, and Payments

  • PRICING reflected on the Order Form is not-to-exceed pricing, and is provided to assist colleges in budgeting. Pricing may be lowered once all Order Forms have been aggregated and pricing renegotiations with the suppliers are completed.
  • INVOICE will be issued by CollegeBuys, on behalf of STAC, by Friday, June 11, 2021. The invoice will reflect all products and services requested by the participating colleges, AND any pricing reductions realized through STAC. Please note that the prior section above reflects the most current progress in pricing.
  • PURCHASE ORDERS, if possible, should be submitted with the Order Form, or in response to Invoice. All Purchase Orders must be received no later than June 30, 2021.
  • PAYMENTS. STAC payments will not be due until July 31, 2021. Single payment will be issued to the CollegeBuys - Foundation for California Community Colleges, 1102 Q Street 4800, Sacramento, CA 95811.
  • SERVICE DELIVERY for all products and service acquired by participating colleges is July 1, 2021 and effective through June 30, 2022.
  • PARTICIPATION AGREEMENTS or SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS may be required by suppliers from participating colleges. These participation or service level agreements have been reviewed and approved by the CollegeBuys program.
  • QUESTIONS and SUPPORT. Please contact collegebuys@foundationccc.org

Life After STAC

The upcoming STAC Buying Window is April 1 through May 31, 2021. The buying window is essential to ensuring we can aggregate our system's buying power toward greater cost savings. But what happens if a college misses the buying window?

Good news, there is life after STAC and if you miss the STAC window! The pricing you may avail of might not be as advantageous BUT, preferred pricing is available to CCCs through CollegeBuys. Simply visit the CollegeBuys Contracts Library for Academic, Instructional and Online Education Technology or contact collegebuys@foundationccc.org

STAC through the expertise of the CVC, the guidance of the Chancellor's Office, will secure additional education technology tools in the interim, using contracting experience housed in CollegeBuys. This will expand the tools available to the CCCs.


STAC Support


Questions regarding billing and invoicing please contact Ryan Rivera -rrivera@foundationccc.org



Questions regarding services that are provided at no cost (Ally, Labster and Zoom) and hour allocation from NetTutor.

Thank you!


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