Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Alyssa Marques

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Seeing this artwork in person truly gave me a deeper and better understanding of what this work is about. Seeing this in a picture, it might just look like a bunch of random drawings and lines clustered together. However, when surveying it in person, you see all the time and effort put into the drawing and how even though it seems so simple, it is actually quite complex. I found it truly fascinating that the work was done with crayons and pastel on regular paper. It was truly unbelievable that the artist was able to use something as simple as crayons to draw something so intricate and beautiful. Crayons are thought to be for children but this artist proves that anyone can make something beautiful with them. I feel like crayons are not a common tool for making art and that's why this medium really stuck out to me. The use of crayons told me that you don't need fancy materials or to spend a lot of money to create something worthy of being shown off to the world. Art can be made with any available materials as long as you are passionate about it. The exhibit made me feel happy and almost childlike. Happy because of the hard work that went into it and because of the message the work portrays which is that passion is all you need to create something beautiful. Childlike because the use of crayon brought me back to my childhood days where all my drawings were made with crayons.

Design of the Museum

The design of the Highlights from the Asian Collection exhibit stuck out to me more than any of the other exhibits. I truly loved the layout and ambiance of the area. I felt such a light and airy feeling as I entered this wing because of all the natural light and space throughout the room. All of the artworks were in their own casing and they were all separated so I felt that gave the viewers the ability to focus on the individual art works more closely, it allowed for more of a focus on each work. There is a lot of room to move around so the room doesn't feel overwhelming and you can take your time looking through without worrying you are missing a work. The ceiling to floor windows allowed for the sunlight to cascade in and gave such a beautiful natural light to view the art pieces in. The natural light made the room feel very down to earth and natural and that was very fitting for the theme of the room.

Art and Core Values

Upon first laying my eyes on this art work, I knew that it would make a huge impression on me. At first glance, it made me feel a whole string of emotions such as love, beauty, power, and togetherness. When I examined it for longer, I realized the most present and important value this sculpture represented that I myself hold as important is love. The loving embrace of Shiva and Uma makes me realize that love gives you power and with love, you can make it through any tough time. It showed me that love means unwavering devotion and as long as you have somebody you love, you have everything you need to lead a happy and good life. I now know how important it is to me to always have love in my life because without love, we cannot truly have power or beauty and most importantly, happiness. Love truly makes the world go round.

Art and the Good Life

The Good Life core value depicted in this art work is "Work/Life Balance". This theme is obvious in these paintings because it shows people at work and working hard doing tedious and tiresome jobs to make a living, however, it also shows them getting together and having fun and partying, enjoying each others company. It shows that although it is important to have a work ethic and to work hard, it is also important to not get too caught up in it and give yourself a break to enjoy the people and things in your life. I myself believe this value is extremely important. Throughout my life, I never want to be so wrapped up in my work that I forget to enjoy myself and more importantly, forget to enjoy the people around me. Working hard is good but it will not mean anything if you don't have people to share it with or to support you throughout the way and if you don't give yourself time to celebrate the work you've done.

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